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Linz-Hörsching 1993

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Date: 9 October 1993

Made by: Scramble


3A-CM                 L-19A        FlRg3
3C-JA, 3C-JG          AB206A       2St/HG1
3C-OE, 3C-OH          OH-58B       3St/HG1
3E-KC, 3E-KI          Alouette 3   HG2
3G-EM                 PC-6/B2H2    FlSt
3H-FF, 3H-FP          PC-7         ÜbSt
4D-BW                 AB204B       2St/HG3
5D-HU, 5D-HW          AB212        1St
1101/A (geel)         Saab 105Ö    1St/JBG tyger c/s
1104/D (geel)         Saab 105Ö    1St/JBG
1130/J (rood)         Saab 105Ö    ÜG
05, 06                J35Ö         ÜG
29443/M (geel)        J29F         preserved

Rescue area:
3E-KJ                 Alouette 3   HG2
5D-HJ                 AB212        1St

Saab 105 hangars:
3A-CD, 3A-CS          L-19A        FlRg3
1114/D (groen)        Saab 105Ö    2St/JBG
1116/F (groen)        Saab 105Ö    2St/JBG
1122/C (rood)         Saab 105Ö    ÜG

Helicopter hangars:
3G-EH                 PC-6/B2H2    FlSt
4D-BL                 AB204B       2St/HG3
4D-BF, 4D-BM          AB204B       stored
4D-BV, 4D-BY          AB204B       stored

Fliegerwerft 3 hangar:
4D-BR                 AB204B       2St/HG3
5D-HH, 5D-HG          AB212        1St
5D-HK, 5D-HO          AB212        1St

Far side:
3C-JB, 3C-JD, 3C-JE   AB206A       2St/HG1
3C-JF, 3C-JH, 3C-JI   AB206A       2St/HG1
3C-JJ                 AB206A       2St/HG1
3C-OA, 3C-OB, 3C-OC   OH-58B       3St/HG1
3C-OD, 3C-OG, 3C-OI   OH-58B       3St/HG1
3C-OJ                 OH-58B       3St/HG1
3E-KP, 3E-KS +3       Alouette 3   1St/HG2
3G-EA, 3G-EB, 3G-EC   PC-6/B2H2    FlSt
3G-ED, 3G-EE, 3G-EF   PC-6/B2H2    FlSt
3G-EG, 3G-EL          PC-6/B2H2    FlSt
3H-FA, 3H-FC, 3H-FD   PC-7         ÜbSt
3H-FE, 3H-FG, 3H-FH   PC-7         ÜbSt
3H-FL, 3H-FM          PC-7         ÜbSt
4D-BP, 4D-BT          AB204B       2St/HG3
4D-BX, 4D-BZ          AB204B       2St/HG3
5D-HB, 5D-HC, 5D-HD   AB212        1St
5D-HE, 5D-HF, 5D-HI   AB212        1St
5D-HP, 5D-HQ, 5D-HS   AB212        1St
5D-HV, 5D-HX          AB212        1St
5S-TA, 5S-TB          SC7-3M       FlSt
1102/B, 1105/E (geel) Saab 105Ö    1St/JBG
1107/G, 1110/J (geel) Saab 105Ö    1St/JBG
1112/B, 1117/G (groen)Saab 105Ö    2St/JBG
1127/G, 1128/H (rood) Saab 105Ö    ÜG
1131/A, 1132/B (blauw)Saab 105Ö    ÜG
1134/D, 1135/E (blauw)Saab 105Ö    ÜG
1137/G, 1139/I (blauw)Saab 105Ö    ÜG

Flying only:
12 maal               J35Ö         ÜG

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