Luke AFB, AZ - 2017 MIL

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Luke AFB, AZ - 2017 MIL

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On October 23rd and 26th, the following aircraft were noted:
21FS F-16A 93-0704/LF, 93-0708/LF
21FS F-16B 93-0828/LF
61FS F-35A A35-001, 11-5030/LF '61FS', 11-5031/LF '56OG', 11-5035/LF, 11-5038/LF, 11-5039/LF, 11-5040/LF, 12-5043/LF, 12-5055/LF
62FS F-35A MM7333/32-02, MM7334/32-03, MM7335/32-04, 5146, 5147, 14-5092/LF
63FS F-35A 15-5120/LF '63FS', 15-5127/LF, 15-5130/LF
309FS F-16C 83-1158/LF, 84-1216/LF, 84-1297/LF, 84-1318/LF, 84-1382/LF, 85-1407/LF, 85-1443/LF
309FS F-16D 83-1184/LF, 83-1185/LF, 84-1331/LF (of which 184 still carried the white 62FS fin stripe)
310FS F-16C 88-0505/LF, 90-0759/LF (no fin stripe), 90-0760/LF, 90-0762/LF
310FS F-16D 88-0162/LF, 89-2158/LF, 89-2179/LF, 90-0793/LF
425FS F-16C 94-0270/LF, 94-0273/LF, 97-0112/LF, 97-0113/LF, 97-0121/LF
425FS F-16D 94-0281/LF, 94-0282/LF, 96-5036/LF
944OG det.2: F-35A 69-8701, 69-8702, 79-8703, 79-8704

On October 23rd, C-17A 89AS/AFRC 93-0603 was a visitor.

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