EHRD 13-02-2024

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EHRD 13-02-2024

Post by eudokia »

xNSx-0845 C25A DIBLK
1135-xxxx LJ40 OOHRG
1550-xxxx BE40 SPTAT
1710-xxxx C25A DIBLK
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Re: EHRD 13-02-2024

Post by Royaljordanian »


xxxx-1110 GLF4 OELSC
1300-xxxx C25A DISJP

All my posted timings are local !
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Re: EHRD 13-02-2024

Post by Gietje »

Dep 0855 C25A D-IBLK PAV213 to JER/EGJJ
Arr 0955 SIRA PH-ZVD from LEY/EHLE
Dep 1025 C68A CS-LTP NJE710M to PMI/LEPA
Arr 13515 C25A D-ISJP ECA2JP from ALC/LEAL
Arr 1400 PA34 G-OTVR from EGST
Arr 1550 BE40 SP-TAT SAH26P from FAO/LPFR
Arr 1555 C25A D-IBLK PAV213 from JER/EGJJ
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