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Northern Pacific Airways has announced on 8 September 2023, that it has decided to rename itself into New Pacific Airlines. The reason for the renaming is due to pending litigation that the airline was facing for using the name "Northern Pacific". According to the airline's press-release, the new name has no impact on the current operations.

Northern Pacific, or now New Pacific, launched its flights officially in July 2023. The airline, which was planning to connect the US with Asia via Alaska, has began operations by flying once a day between Ontario (CA) and Las Vegas (NV). NP is saying that it still has the same ambitions but is starting with these flights to ensure the company is running smoothly before expanding.

The airline's fleet consists of four Boeing B757-200s:

  • N201UU (27810), owned since April 2022, parked at Jacksonville (FL) since October 2022.
  • N202UW (27811), owned since September 2022, parked at Roswell (NM) since March 2020.
  • N672NP (27808), owned since January 2022, parked at Ontario (CA) since August 2023
  • N628NP (27809), owned since April 2022 and currently flying the daily flight to Vegas.

Next to these four, the airline has also acquired at least three more B757-200s, which are currently stored at Roswell (NM).

Photo by New Pacific Airlines.

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