Saab 340 G LGNA 640Loganair retires Saab 340

On 25 January 2024, Loganair performed its last ever Saab 340-flight after more than 24 years of service, which flew from Kirkwall to Inverness before departing for its last swoop down into Glasgow Airport, following the path of the first ever Loganair Saab 340 flight. It was operated by G-LGNA, and the crew consisted of Captain Eddie Watt, Captain Lionel McClean and Cabin Crew Nichola Charlish.

Not only was it the last flight of the Saab 340, but also for Eddie Watt, Loganair’s longest serving pilot, who is retiring after joining the company in 1996. The flight, using fitting callsign LM340, touched down to a salute by water cannons and a piper on the tarmac at Glasgow Airport.

Its Saab 340s completed more than 430,000 flights, with both passengers and cargo, and carried in excess of eight million customers over their lifetime.

Memorable moments include carrying the Olympic flame to Shetland in Orkney and Stornaway in the Western Isles for the 2012 Olympic Games, while two of the airline’s Saab 340s were converted into air ambulances during the Covid-19 pandemic, ensuring that remote patients on the islands could access healthcare on the mainland.

25 January also marked the 41st anniversary of the first Saab 340 flight worldwide.

Loganair Saab 340-fleet

  • G-GNTB  Saab 340A(F) 340A-082
  • G-GNTF  Saab 340A(F) 340A-113
  • G-GNTG Saab 340A 340A-126
  • G-LGNA Saab 340B 340B-199
  • G-LGNB Saab 340B 340B-216
  • G-LGNC Saab 340B 340B-318
  • G-LGND Saab 340B 340B-169
  • G-LGNE Saab 340B 340B-172
  • G-LGNF Saab 340B 340B-192
  • G-LGNG Saab 340B 340B-327
  • G-LGNH Saab 340B 340B-333
  • G-LGNI Saab 340B 340B-160
  • G-LGNJ Saab 340B 340B-173
  • G-LGNK Saab 340B 340B-185
  • G-LGNL Saab 340B 340B-246 w/o 02jan15
  • G-LGNM Saab 340B(F) 340B-187
  • G-LGNN Saab 340B(F) 340B-197
  • G-LGNU Saab 340B 340B-223
  • G-LGNZ Saab 340B 340B-167

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