First flight of new Ansat-M helicopter
The prototype of a new version of the Russian multirole helicopter Ansat has recently made its first flight. Known as the Ansat-M, the new version has a much extended flight range. The weight reduction obtained by using a larger portion of composite materials allows the installation of an additional fuel tank. This increases the range of the M version from 505 to 800 kms.

The Ansat-M helicopter is also fitted with a new fuel system, new avionics equipment enabling to fly in zero visibility condition, and improved directional stability. A new anti-icing system and autopilot will also contribute to flight safety. Enhancement of the main and tail rotorblades is planned which will improve manoeuvring and reduce cabin noise.

Certification tests of the Ansat-M and first deliveries are planned for 2021. Polar Air company is said to be the launch customer of the upgraded helicopter version, of which they will buy seven, all of these in medical configuration.

Russian Helicopters

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