Facelift First flight for historic Lockheed (update)

On the afternoon of 27 March 2023 Lockheed 12A G-AFTL (c/n 1203) made a first flight in years from Sywell Aerodrome (UK).

About one year ago, on 22 April 2022, Scramble reported on the fact that a Lockheed 12A had returned in the British Civil Register after 80 years of absence.

The Lockheed 12A, also known as ‘Electra Junior’ became G-AFTL  again on 29 March 2022. ‘Tango-Lima’ has an amazing history as it served as a spy plane for the British Intelligence service MI6 in the Thirties.

The whole story on G-AFTL can be found here.

The historic plane is owned by Fighter Aviation Engineering Ltd., of Dunmow and has resided at Sywell Aerodrome since its arrival in the United Kingdom.

We at Scramble like to thank Nigel Harrison, who shared the news on today's flight and kindly gave permission to use his photos! 

As you can see G-AFTL has been resprayed in a beautiful historic colour scheme. It is hard to believe that the plane is 87 years old now!








Photos: Nigel Harrison

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