Earlier this year Air New Zealand already announced the indefinite grounding of its eight B777-200ERs. But now, the airline has also made public it will park the seven B777-300ERs in the fleet as well. The move comes as the increase of passenger demand is not moving as quickly as the airline planned for.

Four of the seven B777-300ERs will be stored at Victorville (CA), while three will remain in Auckland and can be activated sooner if needed. The -200ERs will be send to storage sites in Roswell (NM) and Victorville (CA).

The current whereabouts of the B777-fleet is as follow:

-200ER ZK-OKA is at Christchurch
-200ER ZK-OKB is at Auckland
-200ER ZK-OKC is at Auckland
-200ER ZK-OKD is at Christchurch
-200ER ZK-OKE is at Auckland
-200ER ZK-OKF is at Christchurch
-200ER ZK-OKG is at Auckland
-200ER ZK-OKH is at Auckland
-300ER ZK-OKM is at Auckland
-300ER ZK-OKN is at Auckland
-300ER ZK-OKO is at Auckland
-300ER ZK-OKP is at Victorville (CA)
-300ER ZK-OKQ is at Auckland
-300ER ZK-OKR is at Victorville (CA)
-300ER ZK-OKS is at Victorville (CA)

Air New Zealand carried out their last revenue B777-flight on 20 August when ZK-OKO flew from Los Angeles (CA) to Auckland as NZ1005. With the indefinite parking of the B777-fleet, the airline's widebody-fleet now consists of fourteen B787-9s.

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