B738F AirIncheon 640Air Incheon on pole-position for acquiring Asiana Cargo

On 17 June 2024, Korean Air announced that Air Incheon has been selected as the preferred bidder to acquire Asiana Cargo. Both companies will now work together on finalizing the deal, with a framework agreement in place already next month.

Korean Air and Asiana are currently in the progress of merging. As part of concessions to anti-trust authorities, the new merged airline is to sell-off Asiana Cargo in order to keep the South Korean air cargo market competitive. Other concessions and Korean Air and Asiana are making is handing over routes to North America and Europe to Air Premia and T'Way Airlines.

Air Incheon was founded in 2013 and is currently operating a fleet of four Boeing B737-800SFs. In the past, the airline also operated three B737-400SFs and a single B767-300BDSF.

Asiana Cargo has a fleet made-up of six B747-400BDSFs, four B747-400Fs, and a single B767-300F.

Photo by Anton Homma.


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