Airfield Guide
Zagreb - Lucko
ICAO Code:LDZL/ZGBInfo Last Validated:2012
City:ZagrebPosition:45°46'04"N 015°51'08"E
Runway(s):10/28Elevation:403 ft

Lucko is a small airfield, about 10km west of Zagreb. Aeroclub Zagreb, the Croatian police, and the Croatian air force are its residents. The latter two are operating helicopters from here. Lucko is a convenient stop on your way through Croatia, a visit usually results in about a dozen helicopters logged.


Lucko features a double 10/28 grass strip. All facilities can be found on the north side of the runways. The police hangar is located in the north east corner, next to the aeroclub, whilst the air force unit occupies the north western part of the airfield.

Getting There

To the east of the airfield you will find highway A3, to the south highway A1 can be found. Travelling north on the A3 take the Zagreb Jug exit - NOT exit 4. Lucko - and turn onto Ul. Puskariceva (D1). Take a right onto Ul. Jezdovecka and follow until you see the airport. From the north take exit no 4. Lucko and follow Zagreb Jug. First exit right onto Ul. Puskariceva (D1).

Around The Airport
Aeroclub Zagreb

Arriving at Lucko, the first thing to do is to try to get permission to visit the aeroclub. Since the aeroclub is located right between the police and air force compound, and permission is usually no problem, an overview of the helicopters on both sides can be had. There is even a playground here in case you brought the kids, from which views are excellent. You can walk up to the police hangar and check if anybody is around to give you a short tour or read off the helicopters inside the hangar. You probably wont be able to read all military helicopters from here, so you will have to continue to spot 3. Backlight will prevent taking good shots of runway activity.

28 Approach & east side

In the unlikely event you do not succeed at spot 1, this spot comes handy. Turn right on Ul.Jezdovecka when coming from the aeroclub, and turn right again just past the airfield. You can drive up to the fence here and read off some of the helicopters.

North west side

After visiting spot 1 or 2, spot 3 has to be visited for the ultimate result. Afeter entering Jezdovec from the south, enter Ul.Student 2 on your left (not to be mixed up with Ul.Student 1). After the right curve, turn left on Ul.Keseri and drive it up to the end to get an unobstructed view on the remaining air force helicopters and the defunct Mi-6.

10 Approach & west side

If you have time left and want to photograph some of the action, spot 4 is the place to be. Drive all the way back to Ul.Puskariceva, turn right on it, and right again on Ul.Gorenska. Take the first dirt road on your right towards the airfield perimeter. Where the road meets the fence you will have an interesting overview with good light conditions for photography, in the afternoon that is.

Taken from spot 1, the aeroclub, Mi-171 taking off. Rob Nispeling.
  • 124.500
  • Hrvatske Zracne Snage
  • Mi-8MT
  • Ministarstvo unutarnjih poslova
  • AB212
    Bell 206
  • Mi-6, wfu at north west side, nearest spot 3
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