Airfield Guide
Tirana - Lapraka
ICAO Code: Info Last Validated:03-2017
City:TiranaPosition:41°19'49"N 019°47'43"E
Runway(s):HELElevation:296 ft

Lapraka or Laprakë, once known as Tirana Aerodrome, is the former airport of Albania's capital. It used to house an air force regiment with Y-5s, operating from the old runway, and later, from the grass runway. Currently, Lapraka only houses the helicopters of the Albanian government.


North of the old runway, which is currently in use as a road, the former grass runway could be found. The helispot is the only operational part of the airfield still recognizable as such and is located to the south east side.

Getting There

The helispot is located in the north western part of Tirana. From the town center, take the Rruga Durresi towards Durres. Exactly 2kms from the main square in Tirana, take a left turn, this road will bring you to the former runway, which is turned into a road. The helispot can be found on your left.

Around The Airport
Former runway

The road on the former runway leads past the helispot. From here views of the helicopters are very close. If you are lucky, you might get a glimpse of the helicopters in the hangar as well.

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