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Luqa - Malta
ICAO Code:LMML/MLAInfo Last Validated:2010
City:LuqaPosition:35°51'27"N 014°28'39"E
Runway(s):05/23, 13/31Elevation:300 ft

Malta International Airport (MIA) is situated near the town of Luqa on the main of three islands Malta consists of. It is the homebase for Air Malta and the Armed Forces of Malta Air Wing. Also a permanent detachment of the Italian Air Force is based at MIA called "Missione Italiana di Assistenza Tecnica" (MIATM) operating two AB212's. Because of its position close to Europe, Africa and the Middle-East airlines from these continents visit MIA on a regular base. Also various navy aircraft visit MIA whenever navy vessels visit the nearby grand harbour of Valetta.

Getting There

Because Malta is an island the easiest and fastest way to get there is by plane, although it's also reachable by boat. The main airline Air Malta flies from and to various countries within Europe and Africa. Also airlines like British Airways, Alitalia and Lufthansa fly to Malta on a daily base.

Around The Airport
Near the Terminal

The first place to take a look at the main ramp near the terminals is situated just southeast of the car parks and entrance of the airfield. From here you can see all aircraft parked in front of the main building and you have a good sight on taxiway "charlie" in front of you. The best time to take pictures is in the morning when you have the sun in your back and you will need between 135 and 200mm.

Runway 31

Here you are near the beginning of runway 31. From here you have a view over the runway and you can take pictures with less than 300mm of aircraft backtracking the runway towards you and turning in front of you prior to depart of runway 31.

The spotters wall

There is a spotters wall situated on the road near spot 3, opposite the civil terminal. From here you'll have a clear view on the runway and on the main platforms. This is one of the best places to take pictures from with 200mm or less.

Runway 05

This is where runway 05 starts. Despite the good view this spot is not the best since runway 05 is not in use very often.

Ramp 2

Spot 6 is situated near ramp 2 where smaller visiting airplanes are parked. Also you have a view on runway 13/31 but airplanes are a bit high here since the runway is a bit far away


At spot 7, near the town of Luqa, you are able to take a look at the Malta Air Squadron ramp (ramp 7). Also you can see aircraft arrive and depart from runway 13/31. Nearest to you is ramp 1 where general aviation aircraft are parked.

Rarely seen aircraft visit Malta on their way to Europe, like this Saudi Tornado, pictured from spot 3. Photo Peter Tonna
  • 121.825
    Apron & Clearance Delivery
  • 135.100
  • 118.350 / 128.150
  • 133.900 / 284.500
    Apron, Tower, Approach (alt)
  • 127.400
  • 127.525
    Malta Information
  • 131.400
    Medavia operations
  • 131.450
    Air Malta operations
  • 131.550
    Malta International Airport operations
  • 131.965
    Air Malta ground movement
  • AW139
    Alouette III
    Bulldog T1
    Beech B200
  • A319
  • Lj60
  • Beech 1900
  • B720-047B, south of runway 05/23
  • BAe111, west of B720, used by fire brigade (gone by jan13?)
  • DHC-7, in builders yard across road from airport, close to LTM
  • tailless AP.68TP, east of LTM near small hangars
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