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Ljubljana - Jože Pučnik (Brnik)
ICAO Code:LJLJ/LJUInfo Last Validated:
City:LjubljanaPosition:46°13'25"N 014°27'27"E
Runway(s):13/31Elevation:1273 ft

Jože Pučnik, named after one of the fathers of Slovenian independence from Yugoslavia, is Slovenia's main airport and handles almost all international flights. Portorož and Maribor are also served by international carriers, but the number of flights to these airports is limited. Ljubljana is often referred to by its former name Brnik. It is home of Slovenia's flag carrier Adria Airways as well as a few other companies. Furthermore, the airport is home of the Slovenian army's 15th Helicopter Battalion.


All facilities can be found to the east side of the runway. The civil terminal and general aviation is found on the north side, whereas the military occupies the southern side.

Getting There

The airport is located just off highway A2 (avtocesta A2 in Slovenian), about 20 km north of Ljubljana. Three highway exits serve the airport, as do bus services from Ljubljana and Kranj. Coming from Austria, take exit 10 to the airport, which will bring you to road 104 as shown on the map. Failing to do so will cost you some money as a toll station can be found south of the exit. Coming from Ljubljana and heading north, the same drill applies. Take exit 11 to Vodice, this will bring you to road 413 as shown on the map. Again, missing the exit will cost you some toll...

Around The Airport
Aprons - east side

We start our tour around the airport at the civil terminal. The first stop here is the parking lot to the north of the terminal building. From here, you will have good views of aircraft parked on the freight platform as well as on airliners on remote stand. Construction works prevent taking good pictures from here. Both airside and landside good views of the aprons are possible. Regarding the latter, the avioncek terrace is worth mentioning, although thick glass prevents taking pictures, its a good spot to read aircraft parked on the apron.

Military apron - east side

For those interested in military aircraft it may be worthwhile to drive up to this secondary military gate off road no.104. From here, a sneak view can be had at a small part of the apron. Just a hit and run for some serials is the way to go here.

Approach 13 - west side

A gravel road can be entered from road no.104 to reach the west side of the airport. Generally, decent views of the activities are possible and photography is ok from here as long as you bring some small steps. The background is beautiful with the Slovenian Alps towering behind the airport. The road is narrow, so park your car on the side as not to obstruct other traffic. Spot 3 is suited for aircraft using runway 13 and you can easily pick the position of your choice near the threshold.

Aprons - west side & runway 13/31

At this spot you will be able to read of a lot of aircraft, including some military, parked and moving, though heat haze can cause problems at times. To make pictures you need to bring a small ladder. There is no parking area along this road, so put your car on the side of the road in a way other cars can easily pass if you're staying a while. There is also no shade at all, so bring some sunscreen...

Approach 31 - west side

Around this position you'll be able to watch and photograph traffic on final for runway 31. Photography is best here in the afternoon. Again, steps are required.

From the west side (spot 4) Hilco Schigt made this photo of a Slovenian air force Bell 412.
  • 118.000 / 118.750
  • 135.275 / 136.000
  • DC-6B, Adria c/s, preserved near spot 1
  • SA342L, preserved at military gate, near spot 1
  • F-84G, stored military side, visible from spot 5
  • F-86D, stored military side, visible from spot 5
  • F-86D, stored military side, visible from spot 5
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