Airfield Guide
ICAO Code:EFKA/KAUInfo Last Validated:
City:KauhavaPosition:63°07'37"N 023°03'05"E
Runway(s):17/35Elevation:151 ft

This Finnish Air Force base is home to the fleet of training aircraft of the Ilmavoimat with Hawks, Vinkas and L-90s. It is also known for the annual Midnight Sun Airshow on the longest day of the year! It offers nice opportunities for both serial and photo enthusiasts.


The one runway is located (roughly) from north to south and all aviation related activitity is located on the western side of this runway. All based aircraft are housed in the hangers on the southern side of the base or positioned on the flight line.

Getting There

The base is located north of Kauhava town. The easiest way is getting there depends on where you are coming from and where you are going. Since Finland does not offer too many highways you are forced to use secondary roads to get to Kauhava. If you follow road number 63 (towards Kortesjärvi) from Kauhava the base will show up on your left once leaving the suburbs of Kauhava.

Around The Airport
Across the flightline

The first spot that is very convenient for the number crunchers is spot 1. You can position yourself opposite the flight line and note all aircraft on this line. It is also an excellent spot to view all activity that takes place if you want to stay longer. Photography is a nice option as well, depending on the position of the sun (preferably before noon). To get here follow road number 63 (towards Kortesjärvi) from Kauhava and turn left onto a smaller road once you see the airport. You will end up at the perimeter fence.

Runway 35 am

This spot gives opportunities for taking pictures off the based aircraft during approach. This spot is the one to chose during the morning. To get here from spot 1 follow the perimeter fence to the south. You will end up on a road called Uunimaantie and can position yourself to your liking focussing on the runway approach lights and aircraft coming in.

Runway 35 pm

If the sun is causing problems from spot 2 you can reposition yourself on the opposite side of the runway 35 approach. Getting there from spot 2 is pretty self-explainable.

Runway 17 am

If runway 17 is in use you can take pictures of the approachting aircraft from spot 4. Easy to find, follow the dirt road along the perimeter to the north, and best before noon.

Runway 17 pm

The afternoon alternative to spot 4 for runway 17 approach shots. Just a few hundreds meters from spot 4 and not to miss.

  • 119.100/122.800
  • 112.400
  • 119.700/128.150
  • 119.700/126.600/130.100
  • Hawk Mk51/51A
    L-90 Redigo
  • Saab 35F (derelict)
  • CM170
  • CM170
  • CM170
  • Saab 91D (i/a)
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