Airfield Guide
Barbacena - Maj.Bgd.Doorgal Borges
ICAO Code:SBBQ/QAKInfo Last Validated:oct06
City:Barbacena, MGPosition:21°16'02"S 043°45'40"W
Runway(s):18/36Elevation:3657 ft

Barbacena airport is very small and houses the EPCAR, a FAB unit with a couple of aircraft.


The airfield has a simple lay out with a single north-south runway and a small ramp and some hangars halfway down on the west side.

Getting There

The airfield is south of Barbacena along MG-135 road towards Antônio Carlos village.

Around The Airport
North side approach runway 18

Just before the southbound road MG-135 meets the perimeter fence, there is a place to watch the aircraft approaching from the north.

West side ramp view

Driving up to the airport buildings will give you a view of the ramp. The two hangars to the south probably house the EPCAR aircraft.

South side approach runway 36

Continuing on the MG-135 south will take you past the southern approach. Just after the perimeter fence ends, there is a dirt track left into the scrub land. This enables you to get to the east side of the approach to runway 36.

East side ramp view

A bit of an expedition, but this spot is right opposite the ramp and hangars albeit on the other side of the runway. Head back towards Barbacena, make a right at the cross roads just north of the airport, you should now cross the railway track. The road bends to the right after that. Just under a kilometre after the rail road crossing, you can take a dirt track to the right into the farmland. This is before the main road bends sharply to the left. Do not drive to the farm but make a left immediately. Follow the sand path until you are opposite the ramp. Alternatively, if the access to the farm road or sand track is obscured, you can stay on the main road for a while. After the bend left it turns right again running parallel and to the east of the rail road. It crosses the rail road and you have to make a right immediately afterwards. You will now be on a sand road heading north. This will bring you to the exact same spot as described above. The land between this track and the runway is slightly elevated, so you have to drive around it or climb onto the higher ground.

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