Airfield Guide
ICAO Code:SBANInfo Last Validated:jan08
City:Anápolis, GOPosition:16°13'45"S 048°57'51"W
Runway(s):06/24Elevation:3728 ft

Anápolis is the home of the air defence group currently flying the AT-26 and re-equipping with the F-2000 Mirage 2000. Also, the airborne early warning fleet is based here. Located in the province of Goîana the base is the closest fighter base to the capital Brasília and is therefore one of the primary FAB installations.


The air base has a single south west-north east runway. The ramp, sheds and hangars are all on the south east side. Although this is close to the threshold, the distance to the fence and public road is considerable.

Getting There

The base is north of Anápolis town which itself is between the towns of Goiânia and Brasília, a two hour drive from the capital. The air base is in the fork between state road 153 (BR-153) and provincial road 414 (GO-414). The gate is reached off 414.

Around The Airport
South side approach 06

From the main road from Anápolis to Jaraguá, no.153, you can just make out the threshold, sun sheds, and hangars. With strong bins, 45x-plus magnification, some of the aircraft are actually readable under ideal lighting conditions. The aircraft will be rather high here for photographic purposes.

South west side approach 06

A tiny bit further, there is a road leading to a private estate or farm. This brings you a bit closer albeit to the north west of the approach. From here you can venture further towards the threshold on a dirt track, the airfield perimeter seems carefully chosen though...

West side long shot

Yes, the marker is indeed in the middle of nowhere! From road 153 towards Interlândia, there is an unpaved road, entry at 16°14'16.00"S, 49° 0'17.91"W, leading all the way round the airbase through scrub-land and along isolated farms. Some dirt tracks do lead to the fence line eventually, accessibility depending on the season. With patience and a 4x4 you may make it to a point north west of the runway. Take the track starting at 16°12'15.85"S, 48°58'44.22"W and keep left at the fork. After just over 2.5 km off-roading you will be close, and to the north, of threshold 24.

North side approach 24

Easiest way to get to this point is by driving back to the outskirts of Anápolis and taking the 414 provincial road towards Corumba de Goiás and Cocalzinho de Goiás. You now pass the air base entrance road and about 1 km further, after passing two small residential areas, there is a cross roads with two unpaved roads. Make a left here. Then right at the T-junction and follow the track left towards the fence line. You are now well north, about 500 meters from the threshold, and a bit east to the approach of runway 24.

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