Airfield Guide
ICAO Code:LTBY/AOEInfo Last Validated:
City:EskisehirPosition:39°48'35"N 030°31'09"E
Runway(s):09/27Elevation:2588 ft

Anadolu is located near Eskisehir and is part of the huge Anadolu University. More precisely, its located on the İki Eylül Campus of the university, in the northern outskirts of town. The airport has few domestic flights as well, and is not to be mixed up with the Turkish air force base east of town. Beware, plane spotting is neither understood nor appreciated in Turkey.


Anadolu has a single 092/27 runway. All facilities are located to the north east of the runway. The south side of the airfield is fairly open, but not very well accessible.

Getting There

The airport can easily be reached by car from road D200, which serves as the northern ring road of the town of Eskisehir. From here, turn on to road 26-01 to Saricakaya, which passes the airport on the east side after less than 2kms.

Around The Airport
Civil terminal area

The civil terminal and hangars of the civil aviation school can be found at spot 1. The access road is usually guarded, but you might get access by just asking or having to pick someone up. The hangars are located at the end of the entrance road and views on their aprons can be had. On both side of the civil terminal, limited views can be had of the apron.

27 Approach - south side

Coming from the terminal area, you might want to try your luck of making some approach shots. Head south on Sakarya road (26-01) and enter the first road on your left, just where the build-up area begins. From here, good views can be had of the 27 approach and photography is reasonably good for most of the day.

09 Approach - south side

If approach 09 is in use spot 3 is the place to go to. Head back west on road D-200 and take a right at Egitimciler Cd. This will become Ali Riza Efendi Cd. when it reaches the airport perimeter. Follow the perimeter for about 600 meters, until you find a small dirt road on your left, heading south. You can park your car here and do your thing. Again, photography would be okay for most of the day.

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