Airfield Guide
About the Airfield Guide

Please be careful when visiting airfields abroad. Aircraft spotting is not a well understood and accepted hobby everywhere. While our hobby gets accepted on an increasing (global) basis, we cannot stress enough that there are still countries/local airbases that misunderstand our hobby and see it as an illegal activity. In extreme circumstances this can lead to highly unpleasant situations.

While aircraft spotting and photography may be legally allowed, sometimes law enforcement, security staff, and/or property owners may request you to leave. In these instances please respect their request(s) and leave for a different location. Finally, when restricted areas are clearly marked with signs and/or fences, please adhere to them as well. 

In our OrBats and airfield guides, navigational data is given. Even though codes and locations should be correct, they are not intended for official use. Please be careful carrying printouts or other information which could be harmful. The Dutch Aviation Society does not accept any responsibility when their publications are taken to places where the possession of this sort of information is punishable.

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