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On this page you can find a unique service. You can search through all crash data which we have gathered in our database and published in our magazine since 1993. The years before that are far from complete but will be eventually. The detailed story are not included here unfortunately, you have to read Scramble Magazine for that. You can freely search for aircraft types, serials, operators and units and the date of each mishap for easy reference. 

What is included in the crashes database and what is excluded? For military accidents and incident the rules are simple: almost everything is included. "Almost" because we can not pretend to know everything. Civil aviation is a different matter. We do cover small general aviation accidents and incident in the Netherlands but simply can't cover every single-engine crash in the United States. The shear volume of General Aviation mishaps worldwide makes it impossible to cover these completely. But some small plane crashes are included anyway because they are worthwhile to mention for various reasons.