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Scramble 427 - December 2014

Amongst others, this month features specials about:


Anatolian Eagle 2014
From 9 until 20 June 2014, the Turkish Air Force organised another edition of their Anatolian Eagle exercise at its Anatolian Eagle Training Center (AETC) at the 3rd Main Jet Base in Konya, central Turkey. Traditionally, the second edition is an international exercise involving a wide array of countries. 


What ever happened to..... the C-23 Sherpa
As a result of the C-23 Divestiture Plan Execution Order of 2011, all C-23 models of the US Army were retired prematurely. All available Sherpas were flown to and stored at Henry Post Army Airfield at Fort Sill (OK), which is a large army field artillery training base with a large unused apron, to await their next possible destination. Scramble was invited to witness this retirement, ending the military career of this unglamorous workhorse.


In Focus

Aviation Day 2014

Well, the event of the year is over, and what an event it was...


First of all there was the busy Air Fete, attended by lots of aviation enthousiasts looking for that bargain buy or a missing piece of their collection. The organisers and those attended had a great time and sold a fair amount as well, everybody happy!


Then it was time for the NSK, Nationale Spotters-kampioenschappen or Dutch Spotters Championships. It was a very challenging and innovative quiz! Especially the 'spotting with obstacles' and preserved aircraft in Holland required the best of the participating 15 teams! It was a very closely contested affair and in the end Scramble 1 (consisting of Paul van der Linden, Marco Pennings and Leo Hoogerbrugge) prevailed with a total amount of 304 points. leaving On Dutch Wings with 287 points and EWAS with 277 in their wake. Of course this means we will have the honour of organising the NSK for next year, and we will strive to top this years quiz, which will not be easy!


After a quick bite to eat it was time for the last high light of the day, our evening programma with Dave 'Bio' Baranek and Alastair 'Monty' Montgomery. Bio talked about his career, leading up to the making of 'Top Gun' (who hasn't seen that iconic movie?) and had lots of cool anecdotes to share. He said he could have easily talked for a lot longer, had it not been for our second guest, Monty. After a quick break everybody was laughing with Monty and his jokes. He put together a fascinating story on the Black Bull...sorry... Buck missions during the Falkland War. Both of them had time to answer a few questions, and then it was time for a well deserved drink in the bar.


All in all a day to look back too with great pride and joy, and obviously we will be back next year! Thank you to everyone who participated in making it a success!

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