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Scramble 455 - April 2017

Scramble 455 contains a lot of news and this month two articles:

Aircraft recognition - Bizprops part 1

Following the article in Scramble 407 to help you identify the many different models of bizjets, we have extended this to the bizprops. In this article modifications will be covered as well if they are externally clearly visible and/or that have led to a different type and/or marketing designation.

Heli-Expo 2017

This year the HAI Heli-Expo, the world’s largest trade show and exposition dedicated to vertical aviation, took place from 6 until 9 March at the Kay Bailey Hutchison convention center in Dallas (TX). This article deals with the highlights, participants and visitors.

In Focus

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BARG DVD 3 (1989 - 1994) 

This is the second of a series of four DVDs planned to be produced on a 6-monthly basis over a 2-year period, which started in the summer of 2016.

Between 1958 and 2000 the British Aviation Reasearch Group (as it became known after a total of four name changes) produced approximately 29,000 pages of of primarily military aviation data and photographs in BARG's magazines and many other books and monographs. Although the publications side of BARG ceased in 2000 the then BARG Committee has remained in existence to oversee the assets and the good name of the Group. Although BARG has been enthusiastic over the last six years, it is only within the last nine months that an opportunity has arisen to digitise over four DVDs the entire output of BARG in its current and former incarnations. All this was made possible with the help of the Dutch Aviation Society.


Each DVD contains around 7,000 pages of indexed and digitally searchable data, photographs and memorabilia. The DVD also contains search instructions. The most challenging, and complex, is DVD 1 (1957-1981) containing different sizes of newsletters and magazines of varying quality, printing methods and typefaces, ranging from stencils to those produced with the now obsolete inked-fabric ribbon and electric "Golfball" typewriter. DVD 1 will be the third DVD produced.Prices: Subscribers Netherlands €22.50, subscribers all other countries €29.25 (all prices inclusive of P&P),non-subscribers pay €5.00 extra.

Delivery expected by mid April.

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They are new editions of the SWAF (Scramble World Airline Fleets 2017) 236 pages, SMS EU (Scramble Military Serials Europe 2017) 158 pages and SMS NA (Scramble Military Serials North America 2017/2018) 192 pages plus a new edition of the SMT (Scramble Military Transports 2017) 88 pages. Order your copy/copies while stock lasts!

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