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Scramble 426 - November 2014

Read all about the latest civil and military news and much more in the latest edition of Scramble Magazine.

Amongst others, this month features specials on:

The 1934 London-Melbourne Race

In October 2014 it was eighty years ago that The MacRobertson Trophy Air Race (also known as the London to Melbourne Air Race) took place. Time to go back in history and relive the thrill of the event in which daring pilots would exceed the boundaries of contemporary aviation.

Bigway Teuge

From 20 to 23 September 2014, the Nationaal Paracentrum Teuge (NPCT) organized a “Bigway” event, held at its home base Teuge Airport. The goal of the event was to raise the Dutch record for skydive free-fall in formation. The previous record was set in 1999 over Texel, with 72 skydivers. For thisyear’s event, the goal was a mass jump of at least 84 skydivers who would make a red-white-blue formation in the form of a Dutch caramel waffle. In case they succeeded, a second record of one hundred skydivers formating into a windmill figure was planned. Did they succeed? Read it in this special.

In Focus

Aviation Day 2014 - 20 December - Nieuwegein

Plan your visit to the annual Aviation Day held in Event Centre Merwestein, Nieuwegein, the Netherlands on 20 December 2014. In co-operation with Spotting Group Volkel (winners of last year's NSK), the Dutch Aviation Society organizes a day where you can find books, models, framed pictures and much more at one of the many stands. Also you can test your knowledge of civil and military aviation by witnessing the National Dutch Spotting championships (NSK in Dutch, and organised by SGV) 2014.


In the evening we have an entertainment programme with some very interesting speakers. One guest has already been announced, and it is Dave 'Bio' Baranek. Indeed, one of the lucky few to work with Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer on Top Gun! He will talk about his career as aviator and in particular his stay with Top Gun. He will also focus on the making of the movie Top Gun and the aftermath. You don't want to miss this!


Our second guest of the evening is none other than Group Captain (rtd) Alastair ‘Monty’ Montgomery. Monty was one of the four Vulcan captains who were involved in the famous Black Buck missions to the Falklands. He will tell us the stunning story of this very daring operation that shocked their Argentinian opponents.






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