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Scramble 445 - June 2016

Scramble 445 contains a lot of news and this month a few special items:

El Gavilán 358

In 1986, Aero Mercantil, a longtime dealer for Piper Aircraft in Guaymaral, Colombia, started the development of a single engine utility and passenger aircraft. Decades of experience with Colombian general aviation, they decided for the aircraft to be built in Colombia, utilising limited resources and an inexpensive workforce. This is how the Gavilán (Sparrow hawk) was born and Wim Sonneveld wrote this overview.

70 years TNI-AU/Indonesian Air Force

9 April 2016 saw the celebration of 70 years of the TNI-AU (Tentara Nasional Indonesia-Angkatan Udara, or Indonesian Air Force). Marco Pennings, the expert on all things related to Indonesian military aviation, went to visit the celebrations (and rehearsals) and came back with this article.



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Scramble World Airline Fleets (SWAF) 2016

A lot of blood, sweat, and tears have gone in this year's Scramble World Airline Fleets edition, but we are very proud of the result! The editorial team has again put many hours of hard labour in this compilation of worldwide active airliners. As always we kept our databases to a high standard this past year and we hope you are happy with the result. We had a great time putting this publication together, and sincerely hope you enjoy it too!

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