Current Issue
Scramble 452 - January 2017

Scramble 452 contains a lot of news and this month three articles:

QF-4 Pharewell

21 December 2016 saw the final flight of USAF Phantoms. In service for 54 years it was used as a drone in the latter stages of its service life, named QF-4, with the Q-designation meaning drone. Last June Scramble paid a visit to Holloman AFB (NM) and returned with this report.

The last of the Trijets: MD-11 Part One

The era of the Trijets is coming to an end, but one is still going strong - the mighty MD-11. One of our Civil News editors produced this article on the famous McDonnell Douglas product, complete with its history, development and overview of every single airframe ever built. As the name implies this is part one, with part two to follow next month.

Retirement Bundeswerh Bo105

An article submitted by one of our readers it describes the final operational day of the Bolkow Bo105 at Celle, which was held on 13 December 2016.

In Focus


This year we are going to have no less than 4 new publications!

They are new editions of the SWAF (Scramble World Airline Fleets), SMS (Scramble Military Serials) Europe and North America and a new edition of the SMT (Scramble Military Transports). All are due at the end of March/beginning of April. When they are ready for (pre-)order you will find out here and on our social media.