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Scramble 462 - November 2017

Scramble 462 contains a lot of news and this month two articles and one Triptease report on Colombia:

PAC Kamra, Pakistan’s ticket to self-reliance

A very interesting article on PAC Kamra, or the Pakistani Aeronautical Complex. Lots of new projects have surfaced over the years (think the JF-17 Thunder entering the light multi role fighter aircraft stage and the Super Mushshak basic trainer seeing a second life) and so one of our editors paid the Complex a visit and talked to Air Marshal Arshad Malik, who outlined current status and future plans of the PAC.

ARMY 2017

Main events of this gathering of large Russian and foreign companies of the military industrial complex will take place in the Patriot, Congress and Exhibition Centre in Moscow. The fun part for us aircraft enthousiasts is of course Kubinka, where all demos took place, showcasing flight and fire capabilities. A few of our editors paid a visit and came back with this report.


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In Focus

Aviation Day 2017

18 November

Rotterdam The Hague Airport


The Dutch Aviation Society "Scramble" is proud to announce the 2017 edition of the Aviation Day. On this day you are able to buy, sell & trade slides, books, models and other aviation related items at our Air Fete. During the afternoon you are able to test your aviation knowledge during the National Spotters Championships (Nederlandse Spotterskampioenschappen, NSK). This makes the Aviation Day one of the largest social events within the Dutch spotting community.

Air Fete

The Air Fete is the place to be to buy or sell aviation related products. Think about books, slides, pictures, wallpapers, movies, models, etc., etc. These will be sold by individuals, aviation related companies, spotting societies and collectors from all over Europe. Lots of stalls will be there between the hours of 10.00 - 17.00.

Nationale Spotterskampioenschappen (NSK)

During the afternoon several aviation societies from the Netherlands will battle for the infamous aviation championship trophy. It takes 36 aviation related questions, from the Wright Flyer to the Joint Strike Fighter, to see who has won. Maybe a shoot-out will be needed to decide who has won the trophy, which was needed a couple of years ago. The NSK is not only fun for those of you "behind the table" but also for spectators who would like to test their aviation knowledge. Every aviation society in the Netherlands has been invited, so a fun and interesting battle is guaranteed!

Practical information for visitors

Time & Date: 18 November 2017, 10:00 – 19:00hrs

Location: Worldhotel Wings Rotterdam, Airportplein 55, 3045 AP Rotterdam

Admission is free

General inquiries:


Air Fete                                 10:00 - 17:00

NSK                                       13:15 - 18:30


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BARG DVD 3 (1989 - 1994) 

This is the second of a series of four DVDs planned to be produced on a 6-monthly basis over a 2-year period, which started in the summer of 2016.

Between 1958 and 2000 the British Aviation Reasearch Group (as it became known after a total of four name changes) produced approximately 29,000 pages of of primarily military aviation data and photographs in BARG's magazines and many other books and monographs. Although the publications side of BARG ceased in 2000 the then BARG Committee has remained in existence to oversee the assets and the good name of the Group. Although BARG has been enthusiastic over the last six years, it is only within the last nine months that an opportunity has arisen to digitise over four DVDs the entire output of BARG in its current and former incarnations. All this was made possible with the help of the Dutch Aviation Society.


Each DVD contains around 7,000 pages of indexed and digitally searchable data, photographs and memorabilia. The DVD also contains search instructions. The most challenging, and complex, is DVD 1 (1957-1981) containing different sizes of newsletters and magazines of varying quality, printing methods and typefaces, ranging from stencils to those produced with the now obsolete inked-fabric ribbon and electric "Golfball" typewriter. DVD 1 will be the third DVD produced.Prices: Subscribers Netherlands €22.50, subscribers all other countries €29.25 (all prices inclusive of P&P),non-subscribers pay €5.00 extra.

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They are new editions of the SWAF (Scramble World Airline Fleets 2017) 236 pages, SMS EU (Scramble Military Serials Europe 2017) 158 pages (SOLD OUT) and SMS NA (Scramble Military Serials North America 2017/2018) 192 pages plus a new edition of the SMT (Scramble Military Transports 2017) 88 pages. Order your copy/copies while stock lasts!