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Scramble 468 - May 2018

At the end of the quite winter period the volunteers at Scramble did receive enough information from you to fill another 120 pages of ircraft information in and around the Netherlands.

Loads of information on civil aviation is added by a extra long extensive overview of last month changes in the military around the world.


Showreports are presented from Israel, Japan and Chile.

Triptease to AZ

Special features include an extensive trip report (while searching for civil aircraft in Southern Arizona.

Also this Scramble answers the question whatever happened to all Kuwaiti Lightnings!  And lastly an overview is presented of the first Pop-up aircraft museum to be found in the Netherlands. 




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After months of hard work we are proud to announce that our 2018 publications SWAF, SMS Europe and EMOOS are finished, ahead of the busy summer season!  Head over to to order your copy or see below for a short introduction. We have no intention this time for any reprints, so be sure not to miss out!


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As we have done all those years, the Dutch Aviation Society / Scramble team takes your privacy very serious. All personal data entered will be used solely for the purpose of optimizing the sales/delivery proceedings of the applicable sales order. 



 SWAF 2018, EMOOS 2018, SMS EU 2018

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1. Scramble World Airline Fleets 2018 (SWAF 2018)

Yet again we are proud to announce another edition of the SWAF - Scramble World Airline Fleets. SWAF 2018 contains a compact overview of the world's airliners and (semi government) agencies like aerial firefighting companies. It lists the aircraft in registration, type, construction number and, when applicable, remarks order.

The information provided is current up to February 2018. As always it comes in the familiar Scramble magazine A5 size and is spiral bound. 


2. European Military Out Of Service 2018 (EMOOS 2018)

After four years of hard work we are proud to announce the 2018 edition of the European Military Out Of Service book. Otger van der Kooij (editor of Scramble Magazine) and Andy Marden (editor of Military Aviation Review) have produced again this excellent new edition: EMOOS 2018. The layout is the same as last time and as usual it covers military and ex military aircraft. Once again it is a hard cover book and GPS coordinates are also present, to help you find those hidden spots. It contains 783 pages, 



3. Scramble Military Serials Europe 2018 (SMS EU 2018)

We are pleased to introduce a new edition of the Scramble Military Serials - Europe. Again, we have tried to cramp as much information in as little amount of space as possible to keep it portable and affordable. Still, it features 145 pages of information.