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Scramble 434 - July 2015

Amongst others, this month features a special about:

70 Years Victory Day, Moscow
Victory Day (in Russian “Den Pobedy”) or 9 May marks the capitulation of Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union in the part of the Second World War. Known in the Soviet Union as the Great Patriotic War where the Soviet Union fought against Nazi Germany. It was first inaugurated in the sixteen republics of the Soviet Union, following the signing of the surrender document late in the evening on 8 May 1945 (after midnight, thus on 9 May, by Moscow Time). The Soviet government announced the victory early on 9 May after the signing ceremony in Berlin. This year the 70 years’ celebration of 9 May was organised on a big scale by the government of Russia.  
Aeronautica Militare RF-84F
Our editor Johan Mulder went after the history of the Thunderflash in AMI service.
In Focus


Scramble Military Serials Europe 2015

We are pleased to introduce a new edition of the Scramble Military Serials - Europe. Again a lot of hard work and effort went into making this book as accurate and up-to-date as possible. In this brand new publication you will notice that we have changed the presentation of the content to meet the wishes of our readers. We decided to leave the last noted date of each individual aircraft out so we can present the rundown divided in two columns.


It comes in the familiar Scramble magazine size (A5) and is spiral-bound, making it easy to handle. It is available within days, so you can order your copy of the SMS 2015 in our web shop when you click here