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Scramble 446 - July 2016

Scramble 446 contains a lot of news and this month a few special items:

Anatolian Eagle 2016-2

Between 30 May – 10 June 2016 the international edition of the Anadolu Kartali (“Anatolian Eagle”) exercise was held at the Turkish air base Konya. Again, this year a delegation of media and spotters were welcomed by the Turkish air force to have an inside look and to report about this major Turkish air exercise.

Yankees and Zulus at the Camp

One of the main reasons Camp Pendleton was visited this March was to witness first-hand the new mounts of the Marines, the UH-1 ‘Yankee’ (or Venom) and AH-1 ‘Zulu’ (or Viper). A small group of editors and associates describe Camp Pendleton and its heritage, the UH-1Y/AH-1Z procurement programme and the insights on operating these new ‘snakes’ by based unit HMLA-369.


Geneva was once again the place to be for the annual European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition. We have a list of all participants and visitors who dropped by during the event.

In Focus


Scramble World Airline Fleets (SWAF) 2016

A lot of blood, sweat, and tears have gone in this year's Scramble World Airline Fleets edition, but we are very proud of the result! The editorial team has again put many hours of hard labour in this compilation of worldwide active airliners. As always we kept our databases to a high standard this past year and we hope you are happy with the result. We had a great time putting this publication together, and sincerely hope you enjoy it too!

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