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Scramble 425 - October 2014

Read all about the latest civil and military news and much more in the latest edition of Scramble Magazine.

Amongst others, this month features a special about:

The EC725 Caracal

The French Air Force EC725s are assigned to Escadron d’Hélicoptères EH01.067, the only Combat Search And Rescue (CSAR) squadron of the Armée de l’Air (AdlA). Jan Kraak flew with the unit and reports from Cazaux.

In Focus

Aviation Day 2014 - 20 December - Nieuwegein

Plan your visit to the annual Aviation Day held in Event Centre Merwestein, Nieuwegein, the Netherlands on 20 December 2014. In co-operation with Spotting Group Volkel (winners of last year's NSK), the Dutch Aviation Society organizes a day where you can find books, models, framed pictures and much more at one of the many stands. Also you can test your knowledge of civil and military aviation by witnessing the National Dutch Spotting championships (NSK in Dutch, and organised by SGV) 2014. In the evening we have an exciting entertainment programme with some very interesting speakers. One guest has already been announced, and it is Dave 'Bio' Baranek. Indeed, one of the lucky few to work with Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer on Top Gun! He will talk about his career as aviator and in particular his stay with Top Gun. He will also focus on the making of the movie Top Gun and the aftermath. You don't want to miss this!