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Scramble 419 - April 2014
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NSS / Bhalo Thakben DC-10

The Nuclear Security Summit is behind us, and it is safe to say that it was a well organised event. Even the authorities were very cooperative and this resulted in some very nice pictures that were being sent in. We combined this with a very thorough overview of arrival and departure dates and times, which you can find in this issue. We have a second article on the last ever passenger DC-10 flight, which was operated by Biman Bangladesh Airlines. One of our editors joined for this last flight and came back with a report and, of course, some pictures! In addition we have the usual movements, news sections, Showreports and Triptease, so enjoy.

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2014 brings us the Scramble World Airline Fleets, a comprehensive overview of airlines from all over the world.  Again it is in our familiar Scramble magazine size (A5) and naturally it comes spiral-bound for easy handling.  Following our SAFE spirit, this years edition is the first to contain airlines worldwide, with aircraft types from Cessna 208 and greater. As can be seen in the preview, it lists registration, type, construction number and remarks where and when applicable. The information is current up to the beginning of April 2014 and totals 212 pages. For Dutch subscribers it will cost €15,-.




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Also new in our inventory is the Scramble Military Transports 2014. The book not only covers the active transport aircraft of the world’s armed forces, but also tanker, maritime patrol, liaison and training aircraft. You will also find aircraft that operate for the respective governments as well as aircraft that operate for government agencies. It comes in the familiar Scramble magazine size (A5) and is spiral-bound, making it easy to handle.

What is included?

As said the book covers the world’s armed forces and government aircraft from TBM-700 to An-124 size. Countries are listed in alphabetical order followed by a listing of aircraft that, if applicable, fly for the Government, Air Force, Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Police, etc. For Dutch subscribers it will cost €9.75.


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21-04 08:37 Royal Air Force
21-04 07:29 China Air Force
16-04 17:25 USN - Northeast
16-04 17:22 USN - Southeast
Airfield Guide
18-04 16:41 London - Heathrow
18-04 16:31 Düsseldorf
18-04 16:28 Paris - Orly
18-04 14:38 Antwerpen - Deurne
Military Database
23-04 22:44 Albania
22-04 21:51 Serbia
22-04 21:51 Yugoslavia
22-04 21:24 Latvia
Civil Database
21-04 16:21 Kodiak
21-04 16:20 PA-31, PA-42, PA-46-500TP, PA-47 & PA-60
21-04 16:19 GA8 Airvan
21-04 16:16 208 & 400 series
Other Databases
24-04 00:00 Showdates Europe
22-04 00:00 Showdates Rest of the World
22-04 00:00 Showdates USA and Canada
12-04 15:33 Dutch Civil Register
03-04 22:40 Soviet Transport
10-03 12:03 Icao
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