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Scramble 450 - November 2016

Scramble 450 contains a lot of news and this month a special item:

Wonsan International Friendship Air Festival

For the first time in its history an air show was organized in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Starting with an initiative from the for North Korea tours well established British tour operator Juche Travel Services, North Korean officials embraced the idea in order to promote the Wonsan area as an upcoming foreign tourist location. The result was a well organised air festival at the recently renovated Kalma
Airport, with a fluently exercised air display and a very interesting side programme, like the North Korean Beer Festival. Quite a few Scramble editors visited this air show and came back with this overview.


In Focus



The Dutch Aviation Society is proud to announce the sixth edition of the Scramble Aviation Day, which will be held on 26 November 2016. It will feature the Scramble Air Fete and the National Spotters Championships (NSK).

National Spotting Championships
In 2016, the National Spotters Championships will be organised for the 27th time. Responsible for organising the NSK is Aviation Group Leeuwarden, the winners of last year's edition. They are proud to once again come up with a very challenging quiz to test your civil and military, current and historical, aviation knowledge. During the NSK, various teams will battle for the highly coveted trophy.

Air Fete
The Scramble Aviation Day 2016 will feature the sixth edition of the Air Fete. At the Air Fete you can buy, sell and trade all kinds of aviation-related items. This year, visitors will have more time to visit the Air Fete as this year’s NSK will start once again at 13:15, similar to last year. Tables measuring 80x200cm are available for €25. For reservations please contact

10:00 - 17:00 – Scramble Air Fete open
13:15 - 17:45 – NSK 2016
17:45 - 18:15 – Award ceremony

Contact details
Sportzaal de Dissel
Disselplein 6
3829 MD Amersfoort
+31 (0)33 257 17 25

General enquiries:

Parking is free during the weekend, but space is limited. We therefore advise you to come by public transport (followed by a ten minute walk) or park in the streets in the neighbourhood.

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