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Scramble 436 - September 2015

Amongst others, this month features a special about:

Anatolian Eagle

Our first article is about the well known Anatolian Eagle 2015 exercise, which we were not able to present in last month’s issue. This exercise attracted Pakistani contesters apart from the numerous Turkish participants. 

Inaugaration Surinam president

The second article is a small but fine article on the inauguration of Suriname president Desiré Delano Bouterse. This inauguration was attended by several Latin American visitors.

In Focus


Aviation Day 2015

The Dutch Aviation Society "Scramble" is proud to announce the 2015 edition of the Aviation Day. On this day you are able to buy slides, books, models and other aviation related items at our Air Fete. During the afternoon you are able to test your aviation knowledge during the National Spotters Championships (Nederlandse Spotterskampioenschappen, NSK). This makes the Aviation Day one of the largest social events within the Dutch spotting community.

Air Fete

The Air Fete is the place to be to buy or sell aviation related products. Think about books, slides, pictures, wallpapers, movies, models, etc., etc. These will be sold by individuals, aviation related companies, spotting societies and collectors from all over Europe. Lots of stalls will be there between the hours of 10.00 - 17.00.

Nationale Spotterskampioenschappen (NSK)

During the afternoon several aviation societies from the Netherlands will battle for the infamous aviation championship trophy. It takes 36 aviation related questions, from the Wright Flyer to the Joint Strike Fighter, to see who has won. Maybe a shoot-out will be needed to decide who has won the trophy, which was needed a couple of years ago. The NSK is not only fun for those of you "behind the table" but also for spectators who would like to test their aviation knowledge. Every aviation society in the Netherlands has been invited, so sign up with your local aviation society and join the NSK. If you have not received an invitation, contact

Practical information for visitors

Time & Date: 12 December 2015, 10:00 – 19:00hrs

Location: Sportzaal de Dissel, Disselplein 6, 3829 MD Amersfoort 

Admission and parking are free.


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