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Scramble 430 - March 2015

Amongst others, this month features a special about:

Rostov-built Export Mi-24s 1978-2008
The Mi-24 was built by two factories: Factory No. 116 (later renamed “Progress”) at Arsenyev, situated some 120 km north-east of Vladivostok, and Factory No. 68 at Rostov-on- Don (later renamed “Rostvertol”). It was the latter factory which produced the export Mi-24s (in addition to Mi-24s for the Soviet Armed Forces), and we have received a list containing most of the helicopters which were built for export. This list contains construction numbers, line numbers and manufacture dates, but sadly no serials. Unfortunately, the list does not include all Mi-24s built for export - Mi-24As, early export Mi-24Ps and post-2008 production are missing. Not covered either are the Mi-24s which were built for the Soviet Armed Forces and exported second-hand after the demise of the Soviet Union.  
In Focus

Scramble World Airline Fleets 2015

Following the success of our first edition of the Scramble World Airline Fleets, we took up the challenge to produce a second version of this publication. After months of hard work, lots of coffee and sweat, we are proud to announce the Scramble World Airline Fleets 2015, containing airliners from all over the world. It lists registration, type, construction number and remarks when applicable. The information provided is current up to early March 2015.

It comes in the familiar Scramble magazine size (A5) and is spiral-bound, making it easy to handle. The publication of the book will be the beginning of April. When available you can order your copy of the SWAF 2015 in our web shop at: This year we kept the price the same as last year (€15) while it contains twelve more pages.