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Scramble 466 - March 2018

Scramble 466 contains a lot of news in 112 pages, including this month two articles.

Canadian Reassurance

Going back to the spring of 2014, following events in Eastern Europe, NATO agreed upon and began to enact a series of military measures to reinforce NATO’s collective defence and demonstrate the strength of the alliance. The following day, Canada, offered assets and members, showing its strong commitment to the alliance; Operation Reassurance was born. Three of our editors visited Mihal Kogalniceanu to see how the Canadians got on.

World Economic Forum 2018

The Davos-Klosters in Switzerland were the host for the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting again, which took place this year from 23 till 26 January. From our side it was good to see more logs from
the airports surrounding Zurich. Result is probably one of the biggest reports we ever had from this meeting. This is an overview of all aircraft seen in the period 20 - 28 January.

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In Focus


1. Scramble World Airline Fleets 2018 (SWAF 2018)

Yet again we are proud to announce another edition of the SWAF - Scramble World Airline Fleets. SWAF 2018 will contain a compact overview of the world's airliners and (semi government) agencies like aerial firefighting companies. It lists the aircraft in registration, type, construction number and, when applicable, remarks order.

The information provided will be current up to February 2018. As always it comes in the familiar Scramble magazine A5 size and is spiral bound. Publication is planned for the end of March so keep an eye out at to order your copy in our web store. 






2. European Military Out Of Service 2018 (EMOOS 2018)

After four years of hard work we can announce the 2018 edition of the European Military Out Of Service book. Otger van der Kooij (editor of Scramble Magazine) and Andy Marden (editor of Military Aviation Review) have produced again this excellent new edition: EMOOS 2018. The layout is the same as last time and as usual it covers military and ex military aircraft. Once again it is a hard cover book and GPS coordinates are also present, to help you find those hidden spots. It contains about 785 pages, and we expect to release it by the end of April. Expected price will be around € 35.00 without shipping costs. Once again keep an eye on our web store at 


We will keep you posted when the books are ready for purchase!





3. Scramble Military Serials Europe 2018 (SMS EU 2018)

We are pleased to introduce a new edition of the Scramble Military Serials - Europe. Again, we have tried to cramp as much information in as little amount of space as possible to keep it portable and affordable. It will be on/about 145 pages thick. As always it comes in the familiar Scramble magazine A5 size and is spiral bound. Publication is planned for the end of March so keep an eye out at to order your copy in our web store.


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