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ICAO Code:EHTW/ENSInfo Last Validated:mar17
City:EnschedePosition:02°16'33"N 006°53'21"E
Runway(s):05/23Elevation:143 ft

On 30 March 2017, what once was Twenthe air base was officially reopened as Twente Airport (note spelling). For the time, this will be a bussiness and general aviation airport without instrument procedures. The envisaged activities include flight testing and the dismantling of larger aircraft. The field will not be open to the general public and the former civil terminal has been closed. Twente lost its military status on 1 December 2005, when the last F-16 squadron left the airfield.


The main and sole remaining runway measures 2400 meters with the glider strip now parallel to it on the south-side. Taxiing aircraft are only permitted to enter or exit the runway via the two exits on the northern side at the 05 end. The few remaining operational facilities are also those on the northern side of 05/23. Most of the airfield is surrounded by trees and private land. Be aware that many of the small roads around the airfield are unpaved or prohibited for non-residents or both.

Getting There

The airfield cannot be reached easily by public transport. There is a bus that gets to the McDonalds (take the bus to 'Oldenzaal', but it would still mean a 20 minute walk, but a Treintaxi is available at Enschede station. Another possibility: from the train station at Oldenzaal take the bus to Enschede and get off at the McDonalds. Finally, the most convenient option is to drive by car to the airfield.

Around The Airport
Final 23

To get here, follow the instructions for spot 2 but turn right onto the Ledeboerweg after some 1200 m on the Noordergrensweg. You can get into the centerline here but approaching aircraft will be rather high.

Official spotterscorner

The official spotters corner near the beginning of runway 23 consists of a mound overlooking the norhtern part of the field with adjacent parking. To get here, exit the A1 motorway at Oldenzaal-Zuid (exit 33). Turn right at Hanzepoort where the McDonald's is and then left immediately onto the Noordergrensweg (the opposite side is for cyclists only). Follow this road for approximately 1500 m to the spotters corner. As with many official spots, this one is a bit too far from the (any) action but at least one will not be bothered here.

Shelter 524

A new spotting place has been created on top of the disused (as such) shelter 524. A fence has been erected parallel to the runway and just north of this shelter, making the place accessible to the public for the time being. For how long this situation will continue is not very sure, and authorities disapprove of people going anywhere else in this area than at the shelter and access track itself. At the moment it is by far the best spot on the field though. To get here, follow the road past spot 2 and take the first available right, which is a former taxiway.

Final 05

The south-western approach is reachable via the N737 Weerseloseweg. The fields on this side of the airport are rather open so you will probably be able to see where the runway is. The indicated spot is on one of the unpaved local roads. Be sure to avoid blocking the farmers' routes!

A400M at Twente, present for runway water tests, shot from spot 3 by Rene Liebe.
  • 119.050
    Twente Radio
  • 132.350 / 276.650
    Dutch Mill
  • A MiG-21 on a mobile stand is kept in the south-eastern corner of the field.
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