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C/nFull typeReg / serial / codeOperator / colour schemeFirst Reported
73A049Tu-154B"31" redSoviet Air Forcetoc 05jul76
73A052 ?Tu-154B"32" redRussian Air Forceph. 1993
88A795Tu-154M(no reg)HESATHR 22aug12
..A1002Tu-154M--Sae jan96
..A1021Tu-154M----no reports
..A1022Tu-154M----no reports
..A1023Tu-154M----no reports
..A1024Tu-154M----no reports
..A1025Tu-154M----no reports
..A999Tu-154M--Sae jan96
06A996Tu-154M--Sae jan96
07A1001Tu-154M--Sae jan96
08A1004Tu-154M--Sae jan96
10A1000Tu-154M--primerSae jan96
12A998Tu-154M--primerSae jan96
79A326Tu-154B-2--ex MALÉV c/s, n/tVKO 16aug01
81A515Tu-154B-2--Yefim RatnerRIX 07oct05
82A531Tu-154B-2--ex MALÉV c/s, n/tVKO 16aug01
82A544Tu-154B-2--ex MALÉV c/s, n/tVKO 16aug01
87A744Tu-154M--all-white c/s, n/tVKO 04jun10
89A799Tu-154M--no titlesDRS 07feb00
89A799Tu-154M--all-white c/s, n/tVKO 07nov00
89A823Tu-154M--China Xinjiang c/sALA 08jun01
91A895Tu-154M--Baltic Expr LineTLL 03aug97
95A993Tu-154M--Sae jan96
97A1017Tu-154M--bare metalSae 27jun02
80A420Tu-154B-20420Czechoslovak AFd/d 28mar89
80A420Tu-154B-20420Slovak Air Forcetrf 01jan93
84A601Tu-154B-20601Czechoslovak AFtrf 06feb91
84A601Tu-154B-20601Czech Air Forcetrf 01jan93
00A1003Tu-154M1003Czech Air Forced/d 29jul00
90A837Tu-154M101Polish Air ForceWAW dec96
96A1016Tu-154M1016Czech Air Forcetrf 31dec98
90A862Tu-154M102Polish Air ForceVKO 01sep97
89A799Tu-154M11+01German Air Forcergd 03oct90
89A813Tu-154M11+02German Air Forcergd 03oct90
84A598Tu-154B-21602Ethiopian AFQHR 2005
91A895Tu-154M3D-RTPAir Passdec97
79A325Tu-154B-24K-325Turan AirBAK 18may00
81A473Tu-154B-24K-473Turan Air01jul02
81A474Tu-154B-24K-474Turan AirDME 16aug02
86A727Tu-154M4K-727Turan AirRKT 03dec95
86A727Tu-154M4K-727Turan AirVKO 30aug07
86A733Tu-154M4K-733ex-LOT c/s, n/tBAK 16may96
86A733Tu-154M4K-733Turan AirDME 06jul98
86A733Tu-154M4K-733Turan AirDME 12sep06
76A147Tu-154B4K-85147Aeroflot c/s, n/tBAK 31dec93
76A158Tu-154B-14K-85158AeroflotBAK dec93
76A158Tu-154B-14K-85158Aeroflot c/s, n/tIST 20feb94
76A177Tu-154B-14K-85177Azerbaijan Al27feb93
77A192Tu-154B-14K-85192Azerbaijan AlDME 04jul94
77A199Tu-154B-14K-85199Azerbaijan Al26feb93
77A211Tu-154B-14K-85211Azerbaijan AlIST 05may93
77A214Tu-154B-14K-85214Azerbaijan AlIST 07mar93
77A250Tu-154B-14K-85250Aeroflot c/s, n/tDME 25aug97
78A274Tu-154B-14K-85274Azerbaijan AlDME 30aug93
79A329Tu-154B-24K-85329Azerbaijan AlDME 16may95
79A362Tu-154B-24K-85362Azerbaijan AlDME 06jul98
79A364Tu-154B-24K-85364AeroflotLED 07apr91
79A364Tu-154B-24K-85364Aeroflot c/s, n/t31dec93
79A364Tu-154B-24K-85364Azerbaijan AlDME 20aug97
80A391Tu-154B-24K-85391Azerbaijan AlDME 01sep93
80A395Tu-154B-24K-85395ImprotexVKO 10jan94
81A474Tu-154B-24K-85474Turan AirDME 09aug02
82A524Tu-154B-24K-85524Aeroflot c/s, n/tSHJ 05mar95
82A524Tu-154B-24K-85524Turan AirRKT 30mar00
82A538Tu-154B-24K-85538Belavia c/s, n/tDME 18aug97
82A548Tu-154B-24K-85548Aeroflot c/s, n/tBAK 17may96
82A548Tu-154B-24K-85548Azerbaijan AlIST 20jun98
91A871Tu-154M4K-85698AeroflotLED 16jun93
91A871Tu-154M4K-85698Aeroflot c/s, n/tBAK 13apr94
91A871Tu-154M4K-85698Azerbaijan Al
92A911Tu-154M4K-85729Azerbaijan GvtLHR 22feb94
92A911Tu-154M4K-85729Azerbaijan AlKBL 18feb08
92A914Tu-154M4K-85732ImprotexSHJ aug94
92A914Tu-154M4K-85732ImairDME 07jul98
92A916Tu-154M4K-85734 (1)Azerbaijan Alrgd 28dec92
92A921Tu-154M4K-85738Aeroflot c/s, n/tCDG 04sep95
92A921Tu-154M4K-85738Azerbaijan AlVKO 13jul00
92A921Tu-154M4K-85738Azerbaijan AlBAK 18dec02
98A1013Tu-154M4K-AZ10Azerbaijan Gvtd/d mid-98
85A718Tu-154M4K-AZ17ImairBAK 14apr01
76A168Tu-154B4L-85168OrbiPRG 02mar94
76A168Tu-154B4L-85168Air ZenaSTN 11oct97
76A168Tu-154B4L-85168Air GeorgiaFJR 07apr99
76A188Tu-154B4L-85188Aeroflot c/s, n/tVKO 04may94
77A197Tu-154B-14L-85197OrbiVKO 22aug95
80A430Tu-154B-24L-85430OrbiVKO 25jan94
80A430Tu-154B-24L-85430Georgian AirlinesAMS 26sep97
81A496Tu-154B-24L-85496OrbiORY 20jan94
81A496Tu-154B-24L-85496Georgian AirlinesVKO 16apr97
81A496Tu-154B-24L-85496Air Libya TibestiSHJ 12oct03
81A496Tu-154B-24L-85496no titlesTBS mar05
81A518Tu-154B-24L-85518Georgian AirlinesTBS oct99
82A547Tu-154B-24L-85547Aeroflot c/s, n/tPRG dec93
82A547Tu-154B-24L-85547Air GeorgiaFRA 16jul95
82A558Tu-154B-24L-85558Air GeorgiaVKO 05sep93
91A889Tu-154M4L-85713Georgian AirlinesVKO mar00
91A890Tu-154M4L-AAFAviaexpresscruiseLHR 25sep98
82A547Tu-154B-24L-AAGAir GeorgiaBFS 27aug99
82A558Tu-154B-24L-AAHAir GeorgiaFRA 24apr99
75A129Tu-154B551ChosonminhangSXF 29jan76
76A143Tu-154B552ChosonminhangARN 24may76
77A191Tu-154B553ChosonminhangSXF 07mar77
81A501Tu-154B-27O-ACNAlyemdaSXF 05oct81
89A822Tu-154M7O-ACTAlyemdamfd 17nov89
90A837Tu-154M837Polish Air Forcemfd 29jun90
70M008Tu-15485008AeroflotMkk 18sep96
70M008Tu-15485008ex-Aeroflot c/sMkk 27may02
73A050Tu-154B85050Uzbek AF/UZB c/sphoto 93/94
75A104Tu-154B85104AeroflotVKO 27apr93
76A147Tu-154B85147Aeroflot c/s, n/t07dec92
76A158Tu-154B-185158AeroflotLED 31may92
76A163Tu-154B85163Orbitrf 01aug93
76A168Tu-154B85168OrbiVKO 28aug93
76A177Tu-154B-185177Azerbaijan AlBAK 10dec92
76A188Tu-154B85188Aeroflot c/s, n/tVKO 01sep93
77A192Tu-154B-185192AeroflotBAK 10dec92
77A192Tu-154B-185192Azerbaijan AlDME 20mar93
77A199Tu-154B-185199Azerbaijan AlBAK 11dec92
77A222Tu-154B85222Tbilisi Avn reports
77A249Tu-154B-185249Uzbekistan AirwaysTAS 07apr93
77A250Tu-154B-185250Turkmenistan AlEVN early93
78A274Tu-154B-185274AeroflotBAK 07dec92
78A294Tu-154B-185294Kyrghyzstan AlSHJ 04nov93
78A313Tu-154B-285313Kyrgyzstan AlSHJ 22dec93
78A317Tu-154M85317LII im. GromovaZIA oct16
79A329Tu-154B-285329AeroflotBAK 11dec92
79A332Tu-154B-285332Air Moldova, n/tSXF 03apr93
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