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Ka-27, Ka-28, Ka-29, Ka-31, Ka-32

C/nFull typeReg / serial / codeOperator / colour schemeFirst Reported
5235001023305Ka-27PL"01" redSoviet Navymfd 1990
5235003720213Ka-27PL"01" redRussian Navymfd 19aug87
5235004901208Ka-27PL"01" redRussian Navy1996
5235014179602Ka-27TL"01" redSoviet Navymfd 30jun82
5235002023329Ka-27PL"01" yellowSoviet Navymfd 31jul90
D2-01Ka-252"01" yellowKamov OKBf/f 24dec73
5235001023307Ka-27PL"02" redSoviet Navymfd 1990
5235014179604Ka-27PS"02" redSoviet Navymfd 31aug82
523500..20210Ka-27PL"02" yellowSoviet Navymfd 31aug87
5235003901205Ka-27PL"02" yellowRussian Navyno reports
5235004901208Ka-27PL"02" yellowSoviet Navymfd 23apr80
D2-02Ka-252"02" yellowKamov OKBph. aug90
5235004091120Ka-27PS"021" yellowFSBmfd 31jan91
5235001023311Ka-27PL"03" redSoviet Navymfd 13apr90
5235002788614Ka-27PS"03" redRussian Navymfd 31may87
5235003901204Ka-27PL"03" redUkrainian Navy21aug10
5235003023332Ka-27PL"03" yellowSoviet Navymfd 15apr90
5235003901204Ka-27PL"03" yellowSoviet Navymfd 1979
5235003901204Ka-27PL"03" yellowUkrainian NavyIEV 01sep05
03D2-01Ka-252RLD"031" blueKamov OKBf/f late 87
03D2-02Ka-31"032" blueKamov OKBphoto
03D2-02Ka-31"032" blueKamov OKBZIA 17aug99
---Ka-32A11BC"033" blackKamov OKBZIA 17aug07
5235003594107Ka-27PS"04" blueFSBmfd 30jun95
5235001023314Ka-27PL"04" redSoviet Navymfd 29apr90
5235002788616Ka-27PS"04" redRussian Navymfd sep87
5235003105210Ka-27PL"04" redRussian Navy1996
5235003517213Ka-27PL"04" yellowRussian NavyTOC 1986
5235004901208Ka-27PL"04" yellowRussian NavyKac 16aug09
5235004902207Ka-27PL"04" yellowSoviet Navymfd 18jul80
5235002002210Ka-27PL"05"Soviet Air Forcemfd 24oct80
5235001023310Ka-27PL"05" redSoviet Navymfd 1990
5235003311213Ka-27PL"05" redRussian Navy1996
5235003822222Ka-27PL"05" redRussian Navyaug03
5235014889614Ka-27PS"05" redRussian NavyPKC 29sep04
5235001619210Ka-27PL"05" yellowSoviet Navymfd 22apr86
5235003004201Ka-27PL"06" blueSoviet Air Forcemfd 28jan81
5235001023313Ka-27PL"06" redSoviet Navymfd 29apr90
5235003313201Ka-27PL"06" redRussian Navy1996
5235004889616Ka-27PS"06" redSoviet Navymfd 31may89
---Ka-27PL"06" yellowUkrainian NavySai 23dec09
5235001822201Ka-27PL"06" yellowRussian NavyRoc 17mar12
5235004519211Ka-27PL"06" yellowSoviet Navymfd 31mar86
5235003004202Ka-27PL"07" blueSoviet Air Forcemfd 17apr81
5235001023316Ka-27PL"07" redSoviet Navymfd 1990
5235003313204Ka-27PL"07" redRussian Navy1996
5235003023331Ka-27PL"07" yellowSoviet Navymfd 15apr90
---Ka-27"08"Ukrainian Navy26sep96
5235003004204Ka-27PL"08" blueSoviet Air Forcemfd 17apr81
---Ka-27PL"08" redUkrainian NavySai jul98
5235001023317Ka-27PL"08" redSoviet Navymfd 29may90
5235003313205Ka-27PL"08" redRussian Navy1996
---Ka-27PL"08" yellowUkrainian NavySai 23dec09
523500..20211Ka-27PL"08" yellowSoviet Navymfd 16sep87
5235001382601Ka-27PP"08" yellowUkrainian Navytrf 1992
5235002619216Ka-27PL"08" yellowSoviet Navymfd 30apr86
5235003004205Ka-27PL"09" blueSoviet Air Forcemfd 17apr81
5235002023320Ka-27PL"09" redSoviet Navymfd 31may90
5235004313207Ka-27PL"09" redRussian Navy1996
5235004519205Ka-27PL"09" redRussian Navymfd 1986 ?
---Ka-27PL"09" yellowUkrainian NavySai sep08
5235004313213Ka-27M"0909" blackKamov OKBph. 22mar03
5235004004207Ka-27PL"10" blueSoviet Air Forcemfd 09apr81
50047121816Ka-29"10" redRussian NavySyt 28may05
5235002023322Ka-27PL"10" redSoviet Navymfd 29jun90
5235004313216Ka-27PL"10" redRussian Navy1996
5235002822207Ka-27PL"10" yellowSoviet Navy
01-04 ?Ka-252"104" blackKamov OKBphoto
01-07Ka-252"107" blackKamov OKBphoto
01-07Ka-32"107" blackKamov OKBph. jul81
01-08 ?Ka-252"108" blackKamov OKBph. 1980s
5235004004208Ka-27PL"11" blueSoviet Air Forcemfd 09apr81
5235001414205Ka-27PL"11" redRussian Navy1996
5235002023323Ka-27PL"11" redSoviet Navymfd 29jun90
---Ka-32T"12" blueKamov OKBLyz 2011
5235004004210Ka-27PL"12" blueSoviet Air Forcemfd 30sep82
5235001414207Ka-27PL"12" redRussian Navy1996
5235004023340Ka-27E"12" yellowRussian Navyph. jan12
5235001414208Ka-27PL"14" redRussian Navy1996
5235002023325Ka-27PL"14" redSoviet Navymfd 29jun90
---Ka-27"14" yellowSoviet NavyTzk 17aug05
5235001414208Ka-27PL"14" yellowRussian NavyKub 26oct15
5235003991105Ka-27PS"142" redAzerbaijan AFph. 2000
5235003991107Ka-27PS"143" blueAzerbaijan AFph. jun13
5235003991107Ka-27PS"143" redAzerbaijan AFph. 2000
5235003991108Ka-27PS"144" redAzerbaijan AFph. 2000
50025118801Ka-29"15"Kamov OKBmfd 1985
50034117804Ka-29"15" redSoviet Navymfd 18oct84
5235001414210Ka-27PL"15" redRussian Navyr/r 1996
5235002023328Ka-27PL"15" redSoviet Navymfd 1990
---Ka-27"15" yellowSoviet NavyKub 2006
5235003004201 ?Ka-27PL"15" yellowRussian Air ForceSyt 23may15
5235003720214Ka-27PL"15" yellowRussian NavyKub nov15
5235004889608Ka-27PS"15" yellowRussian Navymfd 22feb89
---Ka-29"16" redUkrainian NavySai aug98
5235001023308Ka-27PL"16" redSoviet Navymfd 30mar90
5235001414211Ka-27PL"16" redRussian Navy1996
---Ka-27"16" yellowRussian Navyphoto
50047121816Ka-29"16" yellowRussian NavyKub jul16
5235003105210Ka-27PL"16" yellowSoviet Navymfd 02nov81
5235002023319Ka-27PL"17" redSoviet Navymfd 1990
5235003416213Ka-27PL"17" redRussian Navy1996
50036119813Ka-29"17" yellowSoviet Navymfd 31oct86
5235003004205Ka-27PL"17" yellowRussian Air Forceno reports
5235014179601Ka-27PS"17" YellowSoviet Navymfd 30jun82
5235003208214Ka-27PL"18"Soviet Air Forcemfd 30dec82
5235003416214Ka-27PL"18" redRussian Navy1996
50018122904Ka-29"18" yellowSoviet Navymfd 25may88
50026119801Ka-29"18" yellowSoviet Navymfd 30jun86
5235003210202Ka-27PL"19"Soviet Air Forcemfd 30sep82
5235001788604Ka-27PS"19" redSoviet Navymfd 31mar87
5235003416216Ka-27PL"19" redRussian Navy1996
50018122901Ka-29"19" yellowSoviet Navymfd 30apr88
50018122910Ka-29"19" yellowSoviet Navymfd 1988
50036119802Ka-29"19" yellowSoviet Navymfd 30aug86
5235001788604Ka-27PS"19" yellowRussian Navyph. oct03
---Ka-29"20" redUkrainian Navyno reports
50018122902Ka-29"20" redSoviet Navymfd 16may88
5235003517208Ka-27PL"20" redRussian Navy1996
---Ka-29"20" yellowSoviet Navymfd 1988
5235003517202Ka-27PL"20" yellowUkrainian NavySai oct07
5235004192110Ka-27PS"20" yellowRussian Air ForceKub apr10
5750952 ?Ka-29TB"20" yellowRussian NavyZIA 16aug92
---Ka-27PS"201"Russian Navyphoto
5235003105204Ka-27PL"204" blackRussian NavyZIA 16aug92
02-08 ?Ka-31"208"Kamov OKBphoto
5235002002211Ka-27PL"208" blackSoviet Air Forcephoto
02-09 ?Ka-29"209"Kamov OKBphoto
5235003517210Ka-27PL"21" redRussian Navy1996
50035118817Ka-29"21" yellowSoviet Navymfd 1985
50035118819Ka-29"21" yellowRussian Navymfd 29nov85
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