The Soviet Transport Database
Soviet Transport Database - Detailed Aircraft Information
Basic typeTu-154
Construction No92A917
Full typeReg / serial / codeOperator / coloursFirst ReportedRemarks
Tu-154MCCCP-85735Baikalaviamfd 06jul92rgd 07jul92; canx 04aug92 as to China; toc 04jan93 (presumably just on paper); soc 25dec96 as to China, see next line
Tu-154MB-2627Air Great Wallrgd 1992'85735' on nose-gear door; f/n PEK 09nov92; out of service apr95; stored at CKG, seen may97/feb03
Tu-154MRA-85735AeroflotSVO 02apr05in new c/s; l/n active LED 17may09; t/t 16,119 hours and 6,870 cycles by 01jan10; stored at SVO, seen jun10/sep10; ferried SVO-CKL 30oct10; l/n CKL 02nov10, see trf date below
Tu-154MRA-85735Russian MVD/VVh/o 28oct10opb 3 osae on at Chkalovski; in basic Aeroflot c/s with Russian flag on fin, no titles; f/n DME 13feb11; l/n OVB 10jul15, see rgd date below
Tu-154MRF-85735Russian MVD/VVrgd 18feb11opb 3 osae on at Chkalovski
Tu-154MRF-85735Rosgvardiyatrf 05apr16opb 3 osae on at Chkalovski; in light grey c/s with 'Russian flag' cheatline and blue tail, no titles; f/n Samara-Bezymyanka 17dec16; l/n CKL 16sep19
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