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Basic typeTu-154
Construction No92A894
Full typeReg / serial / codeOperator / coloursFirst ReportedRemarks
Tu-154MB-2626Sichuan Airlinesmfd 10feb92rgd feb92; f/n PEK 26sep92; l/n active CTU 11apr00; l/n in the "Aviakor" factory at Samara 11aug01
Tu-154MRA-85185 (2)Pulkovo Aviargd 10dec01f/f 26dec01; f/n AMS 28dec01; l/n LED 07jul06; w/o 22aug06 on a flight from Anapa to St. Petersburg when climbed to the maximum allowed altitude with the given weight (FL 390) in order to out-climb a heavy thunderstorm, was thrown up from 11.961 metres to 12.794 metres within 10 seconds by severe turbulence, entered a deep stall due to uncoordinated action of the crew (the airspeed dropped from 350 km/h to 0 during these 10 seconds while the AoA reached 46 degrees), entered a flat spin and crashed in the steppe near Sukhaya Balka (40 km north-west of Donetsk, at N48°19'58" E37°44'48"), all 10 crew and 160 passengers killed; t/t 24,215 hours and 12,716 cycles; see c/n 76A185
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