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Basic typeTu-154
Construction No79A332
Full typeReg / serial / codeOperator / coloursFirst ReportedRemarks
Tu-154B-2CCCP-85332AFL/East Sib.-IKTmfd 06mar79toc 14apr79; rgd 15may79; f/n IST apr82
Tu-154B-2CCCP-85332AFL/Moldovatrf 06jun89
Tu-154B-2CCCP-85332Air MoldovaVKO 05jun92
Tu-154B-285332Air Moldova, n/tSXF 03apr93leased to Bosporus Airways this date
Tu-154B-2ER-85332Air Moldova, n/trgd 12apr94f/n FRA 26may93
Tu-154B-2ER-85332Air MoldovaFRA 06nov93now wearing titles
Tu-154B-2ER-85332Air TerrexBTS jul94
Tu-154B-2ER-85332Air MoldovaFRA 10sep94
Tu-154B-2ER-85332Air Trp EuropeBTS 09jun96l/n BTS 10sep96
Tu-154B-2ER-85332Air MoldovaPRG aug97in basic ex Aeroflot c/s with additional 'Chartered by Balkan' titles on the rear fuselage
Tu-154B-2ER-85332BalkanPRG sep97in basic ex Aeroflot c/s with only 'Chartered by Balkan' titles on the rear fuselage; canx 16oct98
Tu-154B-2RA-85332Chernomor Aviargd 02jun99f/n VKO 17jun99; l/n IST 14jul03, see dates next line !
Tu-154B-2RA-85332KavMinVody Aviargd 02apr03leased from ARZ-411 since 17mar03; f/n PFO 06sep03; CofA expired in 2004
Tu-154B-2RA-85332Zavod 411 GAFJR 08jan07opb Daghestan Airlines; in white/red/blue c/s with unknown badge (Zavod 411 GA ?) on fin, no titles; l/n SHJ 13sep08
Tu-154B-2RA-85332AeroRentVKO 08nov08with sticker only; l/n as such VKO 10nov08; seen BEG 15jul09 with titles; operator's license suspended 08oct09; seen MRV 07sep10; l/n SAW 24oct11, active; seen parked MRV 21aug13/04dec13
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