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Soviet Transport Database - Detailed Aircraft Information
Basic typeTu-154
Construction No88A791
Full typeReg / serial / codeOperator / coloursFirst ReportedRemarks
Tu-154MB-2617China Southwestmfd 22dec88rgd 1988; f/n CAN nov90; l/n CTU jun99/apr00, wfu
Tu-154MB-607Lex China SouthwestVKO 30jul01l/n VKO 21aug01; sold to Blagoveshchensk Airlines
Tu-154MRA-85136 (2)Blagoveshchensk Alsee c/n 76A136 and 91A889
Tu-154MRA-85136 (2)Aviaexpresscruisergd 14dec01f/n VKO 02jan02; l/n VKO 22aug03
Tu-154MRA-85136 (2)Yakutiyargd 26dec03leased from ACBO Investments; seen in maintenance area at SVO 08jul04, no titles
Tu-154MRA-85136 (2)AviaexpresscruiseSVO 29jun04still in basic China Southwest c/s with small additional 'Baltiskaya Stroitelnaya Kompaniya' titles on the nose; was stored at SVO but left in late 2007
Tu-154MRA-85136 (2)TatarstanDXB 09may08l/n DXB 21nov08
Tu-154MRA-85136 (2)all-white c/s, n/tKZN 04aug11stored; l/n KZN aug12/30jul17 as such; reported scrapped by ATDB
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