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Basic typeTu-154
Construction No74A060
Full typeReg / serial / codeOperator / coloursFirst ReportedRemarks
Tu-154ACCCP-85060Soviet Gvt/AFL c/smfd 19apr74toc 16may74; rgd 24may74; opb 235 OAO at VKO
Tu-154ACCCP-85060AFL/East Siberiatrf 14apr75
Tu-154ACCCP-85060AFL/Leningradtrf 16jul75opb Leningradski OAO; f/n Grossenhain 04nov75; converted by Factory No. 18 at Kuibyshev to a Tu-154S (including the improved wing of the Tu-154B), conversion completed 30mar84
Tu-154SCCCP-85060AFL/Far Easttrf 13jul86version painted on as 'Tu-154S'; opb 1-y Khabarovski OAO; f/n KJA 25jul86, freshly painted and reportedly fresh from the factory after conversion; l/n SXF 08feb90
Tu-154SRA-85060AeroflotSXF 15jan93version painted on as 'Tu-154B'
Tu-154SRA-85060Dalaviatrf 01jun94still in full Aeroflot c/s including titles; l/n KHV 12may95, version still painted on as 'Tu-154B'; soc 04oct96 as life-time expired; canx 11oct96; t/t 15,843 hours and 7,810 cycles; broken up at KHV
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