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Basic typeTu-144
Construction No10051
Full typeReg / serial / codeOperator / coloursFirst ReportedRemarks
Tu-144SCCCP-77107Tupolev, AFL c/sf/f 12dec75line # 05-1; with test equipment instead of the passenger cabin; underwent state trials in 1977 and certification trials with GosNII GA; t/t 615 hours (187 hours supersonic) and 336 cycles by 1979
Tu-144SCCCP-77107Kazan Avn Inst.trf 29mar85last flight 29mar85 (to Kazan-Borisoglebskoye); was used as a ground instructional airframe) by the Kazan Aviation Institute which became the Kazan State Technical University (KGTU) in 1992 and the Kazan National Research Technical Technical University (KNITU) in 2009, was located near building 6 until apr17, dismantled oct16/apr17, the fuselage was relocated on a flat-bed trailer during the night 14/15apr17, the airframe was reassembled may17 and is preserved between buildings 2 and 8 of the KNITU (N55.821737 E49.135009) since 26may17 (the museum inside is to open 31dec18); l/n jun19
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