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Soviet Transport Database - Detailed Aircraft Information
Basic typeTu-154
Construction No74A078
Full typeReg / serial / codeOperator / coloursFirst ReportedRemarks
Tu-154ACCCP-85078Aeroflot/UShVLPmfd 05oct74Ulyanovsk Advanced Flying Training College; toc 01nov74; rgd 21nov74; f/n LED 11aug75
Tu-154ACCCP-85078AFL/Tajikistantrf 16may89probably already converted to Tu-154B by this date, appears in a document 01jul10 as Tu-154B by 26jul91
Tu-154ACCCP-85078AFL/Ulyanovsk HFStrf unknownon charge as of 01jul89
Tu-154BCCCP-85078AFL/Tajikistantrf 01mar91
Tu-154BCCCP-85078AFL/Ulyanovsk HFStrf unknownon charge as of 01jul91
Tu-154BCCCP-85078AFL/Tajikistantrf 08aug91
Tu-154BCCCP-85078AFL/Ulyanovsk HFStrf 28feb92
Tu-154B-1RA-85078Ulyanovsk HFSrgd 30mar93f/n ULV 31aug93, in Aeroflot c/s and titles
Tu-154B-1RA-85078Ulyanovsk HFStrf 18apr95f/n VKO 01sep97, in Aeroflot c/s, no titles; l/n ULV 26jun02; seen ULV jun05/aug12, in poor condition without engines; broken up
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