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Basic typeTu-134
Construction No62820
Full typeReg / serial / codeOperator / coloursFirst ReportedRemarks
Tu-134BCCCP-65720MAP LII Zhukovskimfd 19feb81line # 55-08 confirmed; in Aeroflot c/s; d/d to Tupolev OKB 17apr81; rgd 10aug81; f/n as Tu-134B-3 LED 29jun90
Tu-134B-3RA-65720Aeroflot c/sZIA 16aug93operated by the Secret Service but nothing in any register; l/n MUC 15sep93
Tu-134B-3RA-65720SAAK Stavrop. Avialsd 19oct94
Tu-134B-3RA-65720Arkhangelsk AlSVO 03jul95reportedly returned to Tupolev in late 1995; soc 10jun96
Tu-134B-3RA-65720Aeroflot c/s, n/tCGN 26oct96
Tu-134B-3RA-65720Tupolev AerotransZIA 19aug97still in Aeroflot c/s, no titles jan99; l/n ZIA 23aug99, being made operational with engines from Tu-134A RA-65667 (due for retirement); last reported in an incident report at MSQ 29mar00; canx but date unknown
Tu-134B-3UR-BYYISD Avia, n/tDXB 02jan01l/n WAW 16mar04
Tu-134B-3UR-BYYAir BisecLCA 18apr04
Tu-134B-3UR-BYYNational AirlinesVKO 10jul04(Georgia); l/n SIP 30may05; seen in full c/s only jul04, before and after in basic AFL c/s, no titles, with blue engines; reportedly returned to ISD Avia after lease
Tu-134B-34L-GNAGeorgian Nat'l AlTBS 12jul05c/n confirmed by JP-06; paint scheme applied in steps, full colour tail with AFL fuselage, no titles in aug05 and full colours by oct05; l/n VKO 22aug06
Tu-134B-3UN-65720SAT Airlinesin fleet list jan07; f/n bare metal no prefix MHP 28aug07; l/n MHP 12may08, still as such
Tu-134B-3UN-65720OMS ShippingMHP 16dec08two-tone blue and white c/s with extremely small titles; l/n MHP 16feb09
Tu-134B-3UP-T3409OMS ShippingMLE 21mar10c/n confirmed by Kazakhstan CAA; two-tone blue and white c/s with extremely small titles; seen ALA 29aug12 with additional small Jet Airlines titles by the entry door; l/n ALA 21jun18
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