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Ka-27, Ka-29, Ka-31, Ka-32
Basic typeKa-32
Construction No8601
Full typeReg / serial / codeOperator / coloursFirst ReportedRemarks
Ka-32TCCCP-31579PANKhmfd 29jun91rgd 15nov91
Ka-32TRA-31579AeroflotKRR 15jul94
Ka-32TRA-31579AeroflotOST 13oct96carried additional 'D.G.C.N.' titles
Ka-32TRA-31579SkytechOST 26jul97l/n OSR 09oct97
Ka-32AORA-31579PANKhrgd 27feb01received c/n 8601/51 after conversion; in full yellow/white/blue c/s with 'PANH' titles; f/n PFO 25sep02; seen TFS 18sep03 with additional 'D.G.C.N.' titles; l/n as such ALC 08oct03; involved in an incident on a cargo flight with an underslung load from Solokh-Aul to Lunnaya Polyana 15oct03 when the right engine lost power while the cargo was lowered, the cargo had to be dropped and killed a worker on the ground; new CofR issued 22jun04; seen MFG 09jan07 with additional 'UN' titles and code 'UN-64W'; seen Akrotiri 17jul09 with 'PANH' titles and code '1', based at Paphos; leased to Piroxel Engineering of Cyprus 15may/15aug10; damaged 26jul12 on a cargo flight with an underslung load of 2.5 tonnes from the Esto-Sadok helipad (Krasnaya Polyana district of the Krasnodar region) to the "Kholodok" unloading platform, while hovering over the platform to lower the cargo the right engine lost power, the crew had to drop the cargo, the helicopter made a forced landing on the slope of the mountain at a height of 1,768 metres, came down hard and rolled over onto its right side, all 3 crew escaped unhurt; t/t 3,023 hours 56 minutes; hulk flown underslung to KRR 08aug12; l/n KRR 08aug12, still with code '1'; repaired and seen PFO 15oct14, 08nov17 and 25sep18, coded '2'; l/n KRR 14apr19/30mar20 stored
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