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Ka-27, Ka-29, Ka-31, Ka-32
Basic typeKa-32
Construction No6221
Full typeReg / serial / codeOperator / coloursFirst ReportedRemarks
Ka-32TCCCP-31572Yugaviamfd mar91the c/n was given in error as 6121 in some issues of the register and correctly as 6221 in some other issues; rgd 25apr91; version painted on as such; in white c/s with light blue and black trim and light grey belly, with 'Aeroflot' titles; photo in Africa in the very early 1990s
Ka-32TRA-31572Hevi LiftKRR 19sep94titles not reported; canx 27jun96 as to Bulgaria; offered for sale feb04 with t/t 1,900 hours
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