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Ka-27, Ka-28, Ka-29, Ka-31, Ka-32
Basic typeKa-32
Construction No5235003416217
Full typeReg / serial / codeOperator / coloursFirst ReportedRemarks
Ka-27PL(not known)Soviet Navymfd 1984line # 11-12; converted to, see next line
Ka-32AOLZ-MRKScorpion Air, n/trgd 25apr02converted from a Ka-27; f/n ALC mar02 (reported in error as a Mi-8) and ALC 20oct03; l/n SOF mar07; allowed to continue operations after apr07
Ka-32AOLZ-MRKBaris Aviation03sep07at Tekirdag Forest Fire Station (Turkey); carrying a Turkish flag; l/n SOF mar11/oct12, reportedly wfu
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