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Basic typeKa-26
Construction No7605713
Full typeReg / serial / codeOperator / coloursFirst ReportedRemarks
Ka-26CCCP-24368AFL/Ukrainemfd 23oct76toc 21jan77; rgd 03mar77
Ka-26UR-24368Mykolayiv-Aerorgd 09apr10to Aviatek of Simferopol; already reported in JP-01; w/o 23sep10 on a pipeline-patrol flight from Odesa-Limanskoye on behalf of Prikarpattransgaz, on landing in a field near Polezne (Velyko-Mykhailivski district of the Odesa region) a part of a rotor blade of the upper main rotor came off (due to fatigue) while the helicopter was hovering at a height of some 25 to 30 metres, the ensuing imbalance ripped off the gear box with both main rotors, the helicopter crashed, caught fire and burnt out, both occupants (the pilot and an operator from Prikarpattransgaz) killed; canx only 11jan13
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