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Ka-27, Ka-28, Ka-29, Ka-31, Ka-32
Basic typeKa-32
Construction No01-07
Full typeReg / serial / codeOperator / coloursFirst ReportedRemarks
Ka-252"107" blackKamov OKBphotopre-production Ka-27PS; in grey/white/grey c/s with Red Stars; converted to a Ka-32 following a decision taken by MAP and MGA may79
Ka-32CCCP-04173Kamov OKBphotoprototype; some evidence suggests indirectly that this is the same helicopter as above; weighed at the factory at Ukhtomskaya 28dec79; hovered for the first time 11jan80 and completed factory trials 25jan80; in white c/s with orange trim, carried small 'Aeroflot' titles and 'polar bear' badges, type painted on as Ka-32; landed on the icebreaker "Sibir" 28jan80 and underwent trials in the Kara Sea jan80/may80
Ka-32"107" blackKamov OKBph. jul81at Mirny (Crimea); in grey/white/grey c/s with Red Stars; was unveiled to the press and the public near Minsk 30oct81 as "107" black ?, having just been repainted from military markings (removal of the Red Stars); a photo also exists with small 'Aeroflot' titles and a Soviet flag, but no type is painted on
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