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Ka-27, Ka-28, Ka-29, Ka-31, Ka-32
Basic typeKa-27
Construction No23D2-01
Full typeReg / serial / codeOperator / coloursFirst ReportedRemarks
Ka-35"231" whiteKamov OKBf/f nov04first Ka-35 prototype, also known as Ka-252SV (izdeliye 23D2), with L381 reconnaissance complex; in Russian Air Force c/s (green/khaki camo c/s with medium grey forward belly and light blue underside); probably based at Torzhok for trials; was reportedly "231" blue before, but no sightings; underwent overhaul and modification in 2009; l/n Nizhni Novgorod-Sormovo (Sokol) 23aug11, still in the same c/s as mentioned, active
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