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Mi-4, Z5
Basic typeMi-4
Construction No0772
Full typeReg / serial / codeOperator / coloursFirst ReportedRemarks
Mi-4A(not known)Soviet Air Foremfd 31dec58opb 436 otap (military unit 13751) at Stupino
Mi-4ACCCP-31558AFL/Yakutiyatoc 12jul74used in cargo/passenger and cargo configuration; rgd 16aug74; opb 197 LO Aldanskogo OAO; w/o 19may78 on a gravimetric survey flight from Toko (Neryungri district of Yakutiya) in support of the Yakutian Geophysical Expedition No. 6 when tried to land at a site in a valley near lake Bolshoye Toko at a height of 1,779 metres, approached at low speed and mushed due to a change of the direction of the wind so that the nose gear collided with the rocky slope below the site, the tail boom touched the ground and the helicopter tumbled down the slope, coming to rest at a height of 1,650 metres, 1 of the 3 passengers (equipment operators) killed and the other 2 as well as all 3 crew injured; t/t 416 hours 41 minutes and 675 cycles; struck off charge 18jul78
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