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Mi-1, SM-1, SM-2
Basic typeMi-1
Construction No96801601
Full typeReg / serial / codeOperator / coloursFirst ReportedRemarks
Mi-1MCCCP-68121AFL/Uralsmfd 27aug59toc 15sep59; initially opb 255 AO Tyumenskoi aviagruppy Uralskoi OAG GVF; trf to Beryozovskaya OAE Tyumenskoi aviagruppy between nov61 and feb64; trf to 125 LO Beryozovskogo OAO Tyumenskoi aviagruppy oct64; damaged 25nov64 on a flight from Oktyabrskoye when the lubricant in the pitch hinges of the main rotor froze (as the summer version of the lubricant had been applied) while the helicopter was hovering after take-off so that the helicopter could not be controlled and crashed; repaired; t/t 1,994 hours by feb66
Mi-1MCCCP-68121AFL/Tyumentrf 20feb67opb 125 LO Beryozovskogo OAO; in dark green c/s with light blue underside; w/o in early 1976 on a flight from Igrim to Sergino when entered a snow flurry near Sherkaly (on the river Yazovka) and the pilot lost spatial orientation, resulting in a loss of control, so that the helicopter crashed, pilot and both passengers killed; struck off charge 30mar76
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