The Soviet Transport Database
Soviet Transport Database - Detailed Aircraft Information
Il-14, Av-14
Basic typeAn-2
Construction No1G230-42
Full typeReg / serial / codeOperator / coloursFirst ReportedRemarks
An-2RCCCP-01402AFL/N. Kavkaz-MRVmfd 07jul88rgd 14sep88; registration used on a 3M-T at the same time
An-2RRA-01402AeroflotPya 1993
An-2RRA-01402Pyatigor.-Aviaagrotrf 15dec94Pyatigorsk-Aviaagro
An-2RRA-01402Annushkargd 28nov02excluded from the operator's certificate before aug10, but current on register aug10
An-2RRA-01402Mikomrgd unknownin a Russian CAA listing 03jun11
An-2RRA-01402Nikolai N. Lysenkorgd unknownNikolai N. Lysenko was the director of Mikom; in a Russian CAA listing 15oct13
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