World Airline Fleets 2020

World Airline Fleets 2020

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Despite the corona crisis we have created another edition of the Scramble World Airline Fleets, and the preparation for this started already in December 2019. It is spiral-bound, contains 246 pages and has almost all types of aircraft, ranging from the Tecnam P2012 to the Airbus A380, which are used by airlines all over the world.

All data is up-to-date until mid-March 2020. We also tried to make the order of type and subtype as logical as possible, with some exceptions. Below you can place your order and we wish you the best of luck in completing the book.


As we have mentioned before we will not be coming out with a new SWAF this year. Because of the current situation we are still in, it is very difficult to make a current overview of which aircraft fly, are parked or have left the fleet. We have however compiled a list of aircraft that have been delivered / changed owner the past year. You can download and print this list and use it as an addition to the SWAF 2020. Next year we will do our best to make a new SWAF which will be ready around March 2022.

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