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We are pleased to introduce a new edition of the Scramble Military Serials - Europe. Again, we have tried to cramp as much information in as little amount of space as possible to keep it portable and affordable. It will be on/about 145 pages thick. As always it comes in the familiar Scramble magazine A5 size and is spiral bound. 

What is included?

Included are all European countries, except Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. Information from those countries still contains work-in-progress the results of which can be seen online the coming months. As usual, the permanent European based aircraft from Singapore and the United States, are included.New this year is an ORBAT of each country with all detailed information as can be found on our website.

For every country all types that are listed have at least one aircraft of that type active as of 1 March 2018, including those only used by technical school.

Because of the standardisation we sometimes use type, unit and serial presentations that may strongly differ from those used by the manufacturer or user. It is therefore possible that the information sent by you can deviate from the information we publish.



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