The Scramble App brings the Scramble Databases to your mobile device!

This App provides you with unprecedented access to the Scramble Databases. Through a user-friendly user interface, the following databases can be accessed and queried:

Civil Aircraft Database, containing millions of individual aircraft records of civilian aircraft.
- Military Aircraft Database, containing millions of records of military aircraft of all the air-arms of the world.
Soviet Transports Database, our Soviet-oriented aviation database that is unique in its kind.
Dutch Civil Aircraft Register, the most comprehensive historical and current ‘PH-register’ online
Locations Database. Searching for details of airfields, landing strips or air bases? This is your starting point!
Accidents Database, containing details of many thousands of civil and military aviation mishaps.

Besides broad query functionalities, the App allows you to save the results from your queries, enabling you to prepare overviews that you can use ‘in the field’, even when you lack an internet connection. Of course you can share your updates with the Scramble team by submitting them through the App. The Social Media integration allows you to share your updates or remarks on Facebook or Twitter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How can I query using wildcards?
In the databases you can use wildcards to broaden or limit your searches.
The * (asterisk) can be used as the global wildcard and ? (question mark) as one-character wildcard.
The number of records that are returned are limited. Narrow your search by using more specific search criteria to limit the number of returned records.

Is the number of records returned by a query limited?
The number of records returned is currently limited to 200. We might change this limit in the future, depending on the load on our webservers.

Can I save my queries for offline use, when I am in the field without a Wifi or broadband connection?
Yes, the Save Search option allows you to save your query results on a per-database level. The saved query results can be accessed even when you do not have an internet connection.

My screen does not auto-rotate?
That is correct. The initial two screens are in Portrait orientation, the following screens are forced in landscape. This is done to have room enough to display the information.

I cannot find the app in the Apple Store nor Google Play Store?
That is correct. Unfortunately we had to discontinue the release of the app with the newer versions of the operating Systems.  

Overview of the screens (iOS device examples, for Android the images are slightly different):

The Start screen of the App, from here you access the databases and the Saved Searches.


The database selection screen.


The search screen of the Civil Aircraft Database.


The Military database is divided in geographical continents and their countries.


The search screen of the Soviet Transports Database.


The Dutch Civil Aircraft Register search screen.


The Locations Database search screen.


The Accidents Database search screen.


The Results screen for the Civil Aircraft Database.


The Results screen for the Military Aircraft Database.


An example of Saved Searches. Query results that can be accessed when you are online and offline.



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