Combined Joint CSAR Standardization Course 2008

By Piet Luijken

Photo: Piet Luijken

Photo: Piet Luijken

This CSAR course 2008 has been organised at the Tactical Leadership Programme (TLP) facilities at Florennes, Belgium. EAG nations have long seen the need for a “Combined Joint Combat Search and Rescue Standardisation Course”. This two week CSAR course is aimed at all helicopter and fixed wing aircrew that want to gain experience in Joint Personnel Recovery missions. It is a two week course that is composed out of four days of theory and six days of live missions, one mission a day. Each mission will be thoroughly briefed, planned and debriefed. In this way, the course will allow all pilots, whatever their individual background and experience to learn and to gain proficiency. At the end of the course all pilots should be able to take up the responsibilities of the Rescue Mission Commander.

The objectives are to enhance knowledge and proficiency required to plan and execute a CSAR mission in a non permissive, international environment, to impart knowledge and proficiency in working with European and NATO coalition partners, to enhance proficiency in flying within a CSARTF as an element of a COMAO, working through operational documents and to enhance knowledge of the organisation and of the operation of a CJRCC.

The CJCSARS course has been executed within the geographical boundary of FLORENNES CTR and the Helicopter Training Area Ardennes (HTAA), which are positioned within the following geographical boundary: River Meuse – borders of Germany, Luxemburg and France. The Low Flying Area Ardennes (LFAA) is located above the HTAA and is used for both the helicopters and the fixed wing aircraft.

Combined Joint CSAR Standardisation Course 2008: 30-04-2008 till 15-05-2008 at Florennes, Belgium

Air Force/Unit Type of Aircraft Serial/Code Role Arrival Departure
CzechAF/23.zVRL/231.vrl Mi-35 3368 RW Rescort 30-04-2008 15-05-2008
CzechAF/23.zVRL/231.vrl Mi-24V 7357 RW Rescort 30-04-2008 15-05-2008
CzechAF/24.zDl/241.dsl An-26 2409 Transport 30-04-2008 30-04-2008
CzechAF/24.zDl/241.dsl An-26 2507 special c/s Transport 15-05-2008 15-05-2008
Lw UH-1D 71+28 Recovery 30-04-2008 15-05-2008
Lw UH-1D 71+40 Recovery 30-04-2008 15-05-2008
Lw UH-1D 71+60 Recovery 30-04-2008 15-05-2008
AdlA/EH01.067 EC725R2 2549/SB Recovery 30-04-2008 15-05-2008
AdlA/EH01.067 SA330B 1321/AH Recovery 30-04-2008 15-05-2008
AMI/15 St HH-3F MM80988/15-19 Recovery 30-04-2008 15-05-2008
AMI/15 St HH-3F MM80976/15-03 Recovery 30-04-2008 15-05-2008
AMI/51 St AMX MM7159/51-11 FW Rescort 05-05-2008 09-05-2008
AMI/51 St/132 Gr AMX MM7133/51-32 special c/s FW Rescort 05-05-2008 09-05-2008
AMI/46 BA/2 Gr C-130J MM62175/46-40 Transport 30-04-2008 30-04-2008
AMI/46 BA/2 Gr C-130J MM62175/46-40 Transport 05-05-2008 05-05-2008
AMI/46 BA/50 Gr C-130J-30 MM62196/46-62 Transport 09-05-2008 09-05-2008
AMI/46 BA/50 Gr C-130J-30 MM62187/46-53 Transport 15-05-2008 15-05-2008
MMI/GRUPOLICOT 1 EH101 ASW/ASuW MM81485/2-06 Command and Control 01-05-2008 15-05-2008
MMI/GRUPOLICOT 1 EH101 ASH MM81635/2-20 Recovery 01-05-2008 15-05-2008
FAR/Baza 90 IAR330 SOCAT 61 RW Rescort 30-04-2008 16-05-2008
FAR/Baza 90 IAR330 SOCAT 94 RW Rescort 30-04-2008 16-05-2008
FAR/Baza 90 An-26 809 Transport 30-04-2008 30-04-2008
NATO/AEW&CF E-3A LX-N40453 AEW&CF 07-05-2008 15-05-2008

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