Boscombe Down (EGDM) MoD

RWY 05/23, 17/35     POS 51°09'08"N 001°44'51"W     ELEV 407 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Code Range Badge
QinetiQ various
ETPS various
The QinetiQ Civil Flying Organization operates a fleet of civil registered aircraft (G-ETPx range), including several aircraft which used to be registered in the Minstry of Defence (military) system. QinetiQ does continue to use various military aircraft on loan from operational and training units based on requirement. The famous Empire Test Pilot School (ETPS), is also part of the QinetiQ Civil Flying Organization.

Chalgrove (EGLJ)

RWY 06/24, 12/30, 18/36     POS 51°40'28"N 001°05'07"W     ELEV 240 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Code Range Badge
Martin Baker Ltd Meteor T7mod
Two Meteor aircraft continue to be used by Martin Baker for ejection seat trials. Both have received civil registrations.

The Meteor was fitted with both Mk. 1E and Mk. 2E Martin-Baker Ejection Seats responsible for saving the lives of 41 RAF pilots ejecting from a Gloster Meteor. Although no longer in service in the RAF, the Martin-Baker Meteors are still used today to carry out live ejection tests on all new production seats.

(Fairford, Pieter van Polanen)

HeliOperations used to deliver the training of Search and Rescue (SAR) pilots to the German Navy. But now the German Sea Kings are retiring, a part of the fleet of Heliops has been sold or given to the Ukraine. It is unclear what will happen to the rest of this company.

(Portland, December 2017, Howard J Curtis)

Portland (EGDP)

RWY HEL     POS 50°34'08"N 002°27'01"W     ELEV 7 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Code Range Badge
Heliops Sea King HU5
A handful of Sea King helicopters are used for aircrew training using their military registrations. A number of Helicopters have been delivered to Ukraine.

Scampton (EGXP) RAF

RWY 04/22     POS 53°18'29"N 000°33'03"W     ELEV 202 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Code Range Badge
Hawker Hunter Aviation Hunter F58
Hunter T8B
Using military serials, several Hawker Hunter jets are operated for military training contracts.

HHA’s fleet consists of ten modified ex Swiss Air Force MK58 aircraft, which, whilst being a legacy platform, have a performance capability in excess of many more modern ground attack aircraft. The aircraft have been modified with electric start and a Garmin glass cockpit suite encompassing ACAS, TAWS, Mode S, dual 8.33 VHF & UHF radios and Rad Alt. Furthermore, they are equipped with Radar Warning Receivers (RWR), Chaff & Flare dispensers and are capable of carrying the latest internally or externally mounted Threat Emulation, Simulation and Replication systems

(Fairford 2018, Paul van der Linden)

BAE Warton has a variety of Typhoons of which three Instrumented Production Aircraft versions. Here is the ZJ936, the IPA6 version.

(Warton, April 2009, Thijs van der Laaken)

Warton (EGNO)

RWY 07/25     POS 53°44'42"N 002°53'00"W     ELEV 54 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Code Range Badge
BAE Systems Typhoon IPA1
Typhoon IPA5
Typhoon IPA6
Typhoon T3
Typhoon FGR4
For trial purposes a number of Typhoon jets are retained by the manufacturer at their Warton facility.

Yeovil/Westland (EGHG)

RWY 09/27 (grass), HEL     POS 50°56'24"N 002°39'32"W     ELEV 202 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Code Range Badge
Leonardo Various
Besides production and modification work, Leonardo also operates a small fleet of helicopters for trials work at their Yeovil facility.

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