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DHC-5D Buffalo 5V-MAH.

Jaques Guillem

Lomé (DXXX)

RWY 04/22     POS 06°09'57"N 001°15'15"E     ELEV 71 ft

Force Base Timeline Aircraft Type(s) Fate
1st Togolese Infantry Battalion

1 Feb 1964 - 1 July 1973 MH1521M (Aug64->)
C-47A (68->)
CeF337 (69->)
SA318C (70 ->)
Do27A-3 (72->)
redesignated Escadrille Nationale Togolaise
Escadrille Nationale Togolaise

1 July 1973 - 1 Dec 1980 MH1521M (->7Mar74)
SA330G (timeline)
C-47A (->Feb80)
CeF337 (->Oct80)
Do27A-3 (->75)
SA318C (->18Dec79)
F28-1000 (1July75->)
CM170 (76->)
DHC-5D (77->)
EMB326GC (77->)
renamed Groupement Aérien Togolais

Base Transport de Lomé
1975 - present F28-1000 (24Apr75-1July75)
G-II (1975 - Sep 1999)
B720-047B (80-Apr83)
DC-8-55F (Mar83-Jan93)
B707-321B (86-21Sep00)
AS332L1 (Apr90-90)
F28-1000 (Apr19->)
B707-3L6B (01-Mar07)
SA365N-2 (04->)
DC-8-62H (06-13)
Groupement Aérien Togolais

Base Transport de Lomé
1 Dec 1980 - 16 Apr 1997 SA330G (->3Apr89)
SA 315B
F28-1000 (->Apr92)
Falcon 10 (82-Jan94)
Beech 58 (85-31Oct91)
TB-30 (86->)
AS332L1 (90-4Dec95)
Beech 200 (90->)
renamed Force Aérienne Togolaise
Force Aérienne Togolaise

Base Transport de Lomé
16 Apr 1997 - present TB-30
Be 200
DHC-5D (-> - ?)
SE3160 (98->)
SA330 (04-05)
Mi-8T (May13->)

C-47C 5V-MAG at Toulouse-Montaudran in 1971.

Jaques Guillem

F28-1000 5V-MAB was re-registered in April 1992 as 5V-TAB for governmental use.

Munich, September 1977, collection Dick Lohuis

Gulfstream II 5V-TAC in August 1978.


Boeing 720-047B 5V-TAD in March 1982.

Jacques Guillem

DC-8-55F 5V-TAF at Paris-Le Bourget in May 1987.

Jacques Guillem

Beech 58 5V-MCA.

Jacques Guillem

AS332L1 Super Puma 5V-TAH made a fuel stop at Groningen-Eelde, the Netherlands on 6 April 1990 on its delivery from Forus, Norway to Togo.

Jack Poelstra

Falcon 10 5V-MBG on 23 May 1991.

collection Dick Lohuis

Niamtougou (DXNG)

RWY 03/21     POS 09°46'39"N 001°05'44"E     ELEV 1515 ft

Force Base Timeline Aircraft Type(s) Fate
Groupement Aérien Togolais

Base Chasse Niamtougou
1 Dec 1980 ? - 16 Apr 1997 CM170 (->85)
EMB326GC (timeline)
Alpha Jet E (81->)
renamed Force Aérienne Togolaise
Force Aérienne Togolaise

Base Chasse Niamtougou
16 Apr 1997 - present Alpha Jet E
EMB326GC (->?)

CM170 5V-MAO at Lomé.

Jaques Guillem


Jaques Guillem

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