High performance, when needed, is provided by the Kfir.

Erwin van Dijkman

Anuradhapura (VCCA)

RWY 05/23     POS 08°18'05"N 080°25'40"E     ELEV 325 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
6 Helicopter Squadron Mi-17
The majority of the squadrons helicopters operate from Katunayake.

Various Mi-17 are used and can often be found deployed across the country.

Erwin van Dijkman

Apart from the Kfir above, the Chinese-built F-7 is used, in two variants. This F-7GS is the most modern one. Also, three BS variants were delivered.

Erwin van Dijkman

Colombo/Bandaranaike Intl (VCBI) Katunayake

RWY 04/22     POS 07°10'52"N 079°53'02"E     ELEV 29 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
2 Heavy Transport Squadron An-32
5 Jet Squadron F-7BS
10 Jet Squadron Kfir (T)C2
Kfir C7
Aircraft Engineering Wing various types
The MiG-23/27s of 12 Squadron have been withdrawn from use since mid-2014.

Eight Bell 212 were delivered.

Erwin van Dijkman

No.8 squadron uses two Beech 200s.

Paul Watson

Colombo/Ratmalana (VCCC)

RWY 04/22     POS 06°49'19"N 079°53'10"E     ELEV 22 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
4 (VIP) Helicopter Squadron Bell 212
Bell 412(EP)
8 Light Transport Squadron Beech 200
Aircraft Preservation & Storage Unit (AP&SU) various types (including museum)
61 Flight Mi-171E

All the VVIP Bell 412s have always looked the same and carry the same serial...

Erwin van Dijkman

Hingurakgoda/Minneriya (VCCH)

RWY 07/25     POS 08°02'59"N 080°58'53"E     ELEV 150 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
7 Helicopter Squadron Bell 206
Bell 212
9 Attack Helicopter Squadron Mi-24V

The helicopter gunships proved invaluable against insurgents.

Erwin van Dijkman

Trincomalee/China Bay (VCCT)

RWY 06/24     POS 08°32'20"N 081°10'53"E     ELEV 6 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
1 Flying Training Wing K-8
PT-6 (CJ-6)

Sri Lanka buys a lot of their hardware in China. Not surprisingly, jet trainer of choice is the K-8.

Erwin van Dijkman

Vavunia (VCCV)

RWY 05/23     POS 08°44'28"N 080°29'53"E     ELEV 299 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
112 Air Surveillance Squadron Blue Horizon
111 Air Surveillance Squadron IAI Scout
IAI Searcher

F7s form the backbone of the air force.

Erwin van Dijkman

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