The ROKAF demonstration team "Black Eagles" in tight formation on 23 May 2019.

Joonwoo Hwangbo

Cheongju (RKTU) K-59

RWY 06R/24L, 06L/24R     POS 36°42'60"N 127°29'57"E     ELEV 191 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
17 Fighter Wing

151 Fighter Squadron F-35A

152 Fighter Squadron F-35A

156 Fighter Squadron next unit to receive
29 Tactical Fighter Weapons Group

191 Tactical Training Squadron various a/c on loan

192 Tactical Training Squadron various a/c on loan
6 Search & Rescue Group

231 Combat Search& Rescue Squadron HH-47D

233 Combat Search & Rescue Squadron HH-60P

235 Search & Rescue Squadron AS332L
Bell 412
It now seems both 151 and 152 FS operate the F-35A, current fleet being evenly distributed between both units.
Current group and squadron names are more accurate translations for former names 29 Tactical Development & Training Group, 191 TDTS and 192 TDTS.

The ROKAF is the second country in Asia, after Japan, that started to receive the F-35A Lightning II in 2018.

Jason Chen

HH-60P 01-762 of the 233 CSRS photographed against the background of the Hallasan mountains.

11 October 2018, Arjun Sarup

Only five HH-47Ds are known to be operational with 235 SRS since 1991. They operate next to seven HH-32s in the SAR role.

Dietmar Fenners

Chungju/Jungwon (RKTI) K-75

RWY 18R/36L, 18L/36R     POS 37°01'48"N 127°53'07"E     ELEV 281 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
19 Fighter Wing

155 Fighter Squadron KF-16C

161 Fighter Squadron F-16C

162 Fighter Squadron F-16C
Black Eagle
39 Tactical Reconnaissance Group

159 Tactical Recon Squadron KF-16C
159 FS was renamed 159 TRS after the retirement of the RF-4C. Some KF-16s were modified to carry recon pods. 159 TRS belongs to both 19 FW and 39 TRG however 39 TRG is not subordinate to 19 FW.

The F-16 is the most numerous fighter in ROKAF service, next to the F-5, with 180 of all models (thirty F-16Cs, ten F-16Ds, 95 KF-16Cs and 45 KF-16Ds) received from 1986. They formed two new wings at two new airbases.

Marco Pennings

Daegu (RKTN) K-2

RWY 13R/31L, 13L/31R     POS 35°53'39"N 128°39'32"E     ELEV 116 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
11 Fighter Wing

102 Fighter Squadron F-15K Blue Dragon

110 Fighter Squadron F-15K

122 Fighter Squadron F-15K Jaguar

The F-15K Slam Eagle is the most potent fighter in the ROKAF arsenal. The badge of the 11 Fighter Wings adorns the air intake of 08-058 coming in for landing.

19 December 2018, Chan Hyuk Han

Gangneung (RKNN) K-18

RWY 08/26     POS 37°45'13"N 128°56'37"E     ELEV 35 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
18 Fighter Wing

105 Fighter Squadron F-5E

112 Fighter Squadron F-5E

Some RoKAF fighter aircraft do carry unit badges. KF-5F 10-611 pictured on final approach with a full-colour 105 FS badge on 3 May 2019.

Chan Hyuk Han

F-5E 61-650 of the 112 FS.

Chan Hyuk Han

Gimhae (RKPK) K-1

RWY 18R/36L, 18L/36R     POS 35°10'46"N 128°56'18"E     ELEV 13 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
5 Tactical Air Transport Wing

251 Tactical Air Support Squadron C-130H

258 Tactical Air Transport Squadron CN235-100M

261 Air Tanker Squadron KC-330 Cygnus
51 Air Control Group

271 AEW&C Squadron E-737
Air Force Logistics Command

Maintenance and Repair Facility (MARF)

Twenty CN235s form the backbone of the current transport fleet. Twelve were delivered in 1993-1994, and eight came from Indonesian Aerospace in 2001-2002.


All four KC-330 Cygnus ordered have been delivered.

Chan Hyuk Han

Gunsan (RKJK) K-8; Kunsan

RWY 18/36     POS 35°54'14"N 126°36'57"E     ELEV 29 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
38 Fighter Group

111 Fighter Squadron KF-16C
The 38th Group is subordinate to the 10th Fighter Wing at Suwon AB.

The RoKAF has its own Tiger squadron, 111 FS operating from Gunsan. The majority of their F-16s have a tigerband on the tail.

Jamie Chang

Gwangju (RKJJ) K-57

RWY 04/22     POS 35°07'33"N 126°48'35"E     ELEV 48 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
1 Fighter Wing

189 Flight Training Squadron T-50

206 Fighter Squadron F-5E

216 Flight Training Squadron T-50

The KAI T-50 Lead-In Fighter Trainer (LIFT) was introduced in December 2005 as a replacement for the F-5A/B and T-38A, with fifty delivered so far. In 2010, a further ten T-50Bs were delivered to the Black Eagles demo team, and the first of 22 TA-50 light-attack models was rolled out in January 2011.

Marco Pennings

Captured during the 2017 Gyeongnam Sacheon Aerospace Expo, this F-5E has the small 206 FS badge in front of the intake.

Stefan Goossens

Sacheon (RKPS) K-4

RWY 06R/24L, 06L/24R     POS 35°05'19"N 128°04'13"E     ELEV 25 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
3 Training Wing

213 Flight Training Squadron KT-1

215 Flight Training Squadron KT-1

217 Flight Training Squadron KT-1

236 Flight Training Squadron KT-1
52 Test Evaluation Group

281 Test Evaluation Squadron FA-50

The KAI KT-1 Wong Bee basic trainer replaced the T-37 at Sacheon from 2000. A total of 85 were received, followed by twenty KA-1 FAC aircraft in 2005-2006.

Dietmar Fenners

Seongmu (RKTE) K-60

RWY 16/34     POS 36°34'05"N 127°30'00"E     ELEV 88 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
28 Flight Group

212 Flight Squadron An-2
Air Force Academy

55 Flight Training Squadron
2 Flight Training Batallion
A Wiki article states the An-2 squadron as 208 Squadron.

The use of the An-2 in ROKAF service is surrounded by secrecy.


Seongnam (RKSM) K-16; Sinchonri, Seoul AB

RWY 01/19, 02/20     POS 37°26'45"N 127°06'50"E     ELEV 92 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
15 Special Missions Wing

255 Special Operation Squadron C-130H

256 Tactical Air Transport Squadron CN235-100M

296 Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron RC-800 (Bae125-800RA)
RC-800 (Bae125-800SIG)
Falcon 2000S SIGINT
Black Bat
35 Flying Group

257 Special Flight Squadron BAe748-2A/248

ROKAF currently flies four Raytheon Hawker BAe125-800SIG Geumgang, and four BAe125-800RA aircraft, code-named Baekdu as shown here.

Chan Hyuk Han

Two Falcon 2000S SIGINT were added to the fleet of the 296 TRS since September 2017.

Chan Hyuk Han

A single B737-3Z8 is in use since the mid nineties. It is now operated by 257 Squadron.

Chiho Lee

For state-visits abroad the president of the Republic of Korea uses the B747-4B5 as seen here landing at Brussels on 18 October 2018.

Robert Verbrugge

A fleet of eight VH-60P have been delivered to 257 Squadron.

Arjan Sarup

For its tasking the 257 Squadron can use a wide variety of aircraft including two CN235-220M(VIP).

Chan Hyuk Han

Three S-92As were handed over in October 2007. Known as VCH-92, they are presumed to be part of the VIP fleet of 257 Squadron at Seongnam.


Seosan/Haemi (RKTP) K-76

RWY 03R/21L, 03L/21R     POS 36°42'15"N 126°29'10"E     ELEV 39 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
20 Fighter Wing

120 Fighter Squadron KF-16C

121 Fighter Squadron KF-16C

123 Fighter Squadron KF-16C

157 Fighter Squadron KF-16C
Air Force Logistics Command

Maintenance and Repair Facility (MARF)

KF-16D 01-529 on finals. It has a toned-down 20 FW badge.

Chan Hyuk Han

Suwon (RKSW) K-13

RWY 15L/33R, 15R/33L     POS 37°14'22"N 127°00'25"E     ELEV 88 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
10 Fighter Wing

101 Fighter Squadron KF-5E

153 Fighter Squadron F-4E

201 Fighter Squadron KF-5E

Old but gold, F-4E Phantom 60-493 recovering in beautiful winter light. The only active Phantom unit 153 FS is now operating from Suwon. Around twenty-five are still active.

Jamie Chang

KF-5F 10-604 of 201 Fighter Squadron.


Wonju/Hoengseong (RKNW) K-46

RWY 03/21     POS 37°26'17"N 127°57'37"E     ELEV 329 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
8 Fighter Wing

103 Fighter Squadron FA-50

203 Fighter Squadron FA-50

237 Fighter Squadron KA-1
53 Special Flight Group

239 Special Flying Squadron
Black Eagles Aerobatic Flying Team

FA-50 13-004 is seen making an approach after having completed its sortie at an undisclosed airbase.

Jamie Chang

Twenty KA-1s, the armed version of the KT-1 trainer have been delivered to the 237 TCS.

Jamie Chang

Yecheon (RKTY) K-58

RWY 10/28     POS 36°37'55"N 128°21'17"E     ELEV 354 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
16 Fighter Wing

115 Fighter Squadron TA-50

202 Fighter Squadron FA-50

The RoKAF is using the KAI TA-50 as a lead-in fighter trainer. Like the T-50, it also has the cut-off vertical tail.


The KAI FA-50 is a light-attack version of the original T-50. As can be seen it has a more standard vertical tail.

Ronald Stevelink

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