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Malacky-Kuchyña (LZMC)

RWY 02/20 48º     POS 48°24'07"N 017°07'06"E     ELEV 679 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Dopravné krídlo

1. Dopravná letka C-27J

Presov (LZPW) Prešov

RWY 06/24 (grass), HEL     POS 49°01'60"N 021°19'00"E     ELEV 1053 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Vrtulníkové krídlo

1. Vrtul'niková letka UH-60M

2. letka LZPS a výcviku Mi-17LZPS

Nice digital camo on Mi-17M 0823.

Lukasz Lipka

Sliac (LZSL)

RWY 18/36     POS 48°38'17"N 019°08'03"E     ELEV 1043 ft

Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Tactical wing Sliac

1. Bojová letka MiG-29AS

2. Výcviková letka L-39CM

Mig-29AS 0921 is one out of twelve operational Mig-29's that are used by Tactical Wing Sliac. The Slovakian Air Force had in the beginning 24 Mig-29's

Robert Kolek

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