Cazaux (France) (LFBC) BA120

RWY 06/24     POS 44°32'06"N 001°07'53"W     ELEV 84 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
150 sq M346A Falcon

Twelve M346 Masters are in use with 150 sq.

Cazaux, 20 June 2014, Alexis Boidron

Changi (WSSS)

RWY 02L/20R, 02C/20C     POS 01°21'25"N 103°59'18"E     ELEV 22 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
121 sq Fokker 50UTA
Fokker 50MPA
Brahminy Kite

Starting in 1993, 121 Squadron received four F50UTAs and, shown here, five F50MPA models. They are all based at Changi.

Andrew Hunt

Changi (RSAF) (WSAC)

RWY 02R/20L     POS 01°20'22"N 104°00'25"E     ELEV 4 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
112 sq A330-243MRTT

Fourth A330-243MRTT for the Republic of Singapore Air Force departing Getafe Air Base for a test flight on 17 November 2018.

Diego Ruiz de Vargas

Luke AFB (AZ) (United States of America) (KLUF)

RWY 03L/21R, 03R/21L     POS 33°32'06"N 112°22'59"W     ELEV 1090 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
425 FS F-16C
Black Widows
Tailcode is LF with red/black tail colour. Will move to Ebing ANGB.

The F-16C/D has become the most important fighter in the RSAF inventory with three operational squadrons at Tengah and Changi (East). Training is in the USA with 425 FS, based at Luke but here seen at Nellis AFB during a Red Flag exercise.

Nico van der Steen

Marana/Pinal Airpark (AZ) (United States of America) (KMZJ) Silverbell AHP

RWY 12/30, HEL     POS 32°30'35"N 111°19'31"W     ELEV 1893 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
E/1-285th AVN AH-64D

Mountain Home AFB (ID) (United States of America) (KMUO)

RWY 12/30     POS 43°02'37"N 115°52'21"W     ELEV 2996 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
428 FS F-15SG Buccaneers
Detachment is called Project Peace Carvin V, tailcode MO with black tail colour.

The F-15SG is the most potent fighter in the RSAF inventory. The Peace Carvin V training detachment will operate from Mountain Home AFB until 2035.

Roel Reijne

Murai Camp (--)

RWY 18/36     POS 01°23'32"N 103°41'58"E     ELEV 68 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
116 sq IAI Hermes 450
119 sq IAI Heron Dragon
128 sq IAI Heron Golden Owl

Oakey, Qld. (Australia) (YBOK) AAF

RWY 05/23, 09/27, 09L/27R, 09R/27L, 14/32, grass strips     POS 27°24'41"S 151°44'07"E     ELEV 1335 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
126 sq AS332M
127 sq (Det.) CH-47D

Paya Lebar (WSAP)

RWY 02/20     POS 01°21'38"N 103°54'34"E     ELEV 65 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
122 sq C-130H
142 sq F-15SG Gryphon
149 sq F-15SG Shikra

149 sq F-15SG 8310 coming in for landing at Korat on 19 March 2013.


Singapore has four G550 Nachshon Eitam surveillance aircraft with 111 Squadron. They replaced the E-2C Hawkeye.

Korat, 13 March 2014, Teerawut Wongdee

Pearce, WA (Australia) (YPEA) RAAF

RWY 05/23, 18L/36R, 18R, 36L     POS 31°40'04"S 116°00'54"E     ELEV 150 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
130 sq PC-21 Eagle

PC-21 9101 landing at Pearce on 24 November 2016. Nineteen aircraft entered service with 130 Squadron in 2008.

Jeremy Denton

Sembawang (WSAG)

RWY 05/23     POS 01°25'40"N 103°49'11"E     ELEV 86 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
120 sq AH-64D Kestrel
123 sq S-70B
124 sq EC120B Flaming Arrow
125 sq AS332M
127 sq CH-47SD

23 AS332Ms were received and more than half of them are in use with 125 Squadron at Sembawang.

Erwin van Dijkman

CH-47SD 88198 of 127 sq banking left.

Mike Yeo

Tengah (WSAT)

RWY 18/36 (18L/36R, 18R/36L)     POS 01°23'15"N 103°42'30"E     ELEV 50 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
111 sq G550 Nachshon Aitam Jaeger
140 sq F-16C
143 sq F-16C
145 sq F-16D-52+ Hornet

143 Squadron at Tengah has been an F-16C/D user since 2000. It was formed on the Skyhawk in 1975. On rare occasions, they can be found on exercise in France.

Frank Noort

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